Monday Family Home Evening

Since we are expecting our first baby we decided to center our Family Home Evening lessons on the manual called “A Parent’s Guide,” found HERE on lds.org. I did our first lesson tonight on the section within chapter one called “An Earthly Family Is a Preparation for an Eternal Family”. I couldn’t get through the whole thing with out crying. Just thinking about the great blessing and responsibility of bringing this little girl into our home is humbling and overwhelming. We look forward to this challenge and know we will need the Lord’s support in every step of this journey.

Garren’s activity went perfectly with helping us remember what is truly important in this life. We have compiled a list of 100 things we are grateful for and have decided to share the top ten with you:

  • Our Savior Jesus Christ and His infinite atonement.
  • Eternal Family- The families we were blessed with and the family we are now building together
  • The Gospel and all it entails- The Book of Mormon, The Plan of Salvation, Our Testimonies, Temples ect
  • Our Daughter- Yes we know she is apart of our eternal family but we lover her so much she warranted her own bullet point.
  • The comforts within our temporal life. Our car, apartment, the ability to walk in to our kitchen when hungry.
  • Good friends. We have both been bless to have made amazing friends through out our short lives so far and are indebted to their amazing examples.
  • Education. Garren is currently in grad school following his dream to be a Physical Therapist. This will in turn make it possible for me to follow my dream of being a stay at home mom. I have two semesters left of my bachelors degree and wouldn’t trade any of the education I have had thus far for anything.
  • Laughter. Every night Garren and I find random youtube videos to watch so that our day always ends with us laughing. We are always laughing together. In fact last yesterday in church we sang hymn #156 entitled, “Sing We Now at Parting”. One of us made the comment “what if that p was an f.” (Maturity at it’s finest. We are having a child people. Scary stuff I know) Any way that got us giggling. Then the last line of the first verse says, “fill this sabbath air”. All composure was gone. Garren was crying, and I was trying not to pee in all my pregnant glory. Now I don’t condone being irreverent in Church, but this was just one of those moments when laughing cannot be stopped. Laughing is very therapeutic.
  • Nature. We have both been blessed to live in many different places and it never stops to astound us how gorgeous this world is that our Father in Heaven created for us. We have many dreams and plans of seeing more of it in the many years to come.
  • Finally Ice Cream. Yep. Ice Cream. Nothing is better than sitting down with a bowl of ice cream, or coming home and knowing you have some in your freezer. Ice cream fixes bad days and celebrates good days. Ice Cream is an Allred staple. Just ask any of us ;)

Family Home Evening is a wonderful tradition/practice in church and I urge every one to make it a tradition within your own family. I can’t wait for the day when our children gather around us for this purpose.

Since every blog post needs a picture here is me playing pictionary with Garren telling him what I want to eat for dinner and a picture of Garren’s favorite post test celebration.


IMG_20131008_144109 IMG_20131008_191359 (2)


Boston Temple

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to go to the Boston Temple with Jerry and Garren’s Grandparents. The temple is always a wonderful experience, and this was no different. The Boston Temple is hidden by tons of gorgeous tree’s. It took my breath away. The new endowment video was played during the session. It was simply gorgeous. The same… yet a completely different experience.


DSCN0078 DSCN0074


IMG_20130813_112025 IMG_20130813_112501


After the temple we went to the Yankee Lobster Company (courtesy of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) for some delicious lobster meals and then sadly had to take Jerry to the airport. I honestly don’t know what we would have done with out him here for the past week. We definitely have a great family/support system!

The apartment is officially upacked. I am in love with it :)

I have officially started Baby Red’s first nursery project. I have a feeling it will take the rest of the 5 1/2 months I have left. I am making a tree that will be made completely out of cut up toilet paper rolls and hot glue. Wish me luck ;)





Week of Bliss :)

This week is going to be amazing! After a lot of hard work by him (and lonely nights sitting on the couch by me) Garren is graduating with his Bachelors of Science. His major was Physical Education and Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Science. He graduates Friday, and then we are heading to Quail Lake to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. (I will post about our 2nd year of marriage and the celebration next week) I can hardly believe that we have been married for two years, but then I think about everything that has happened, all the blessing and trials we have gone through, and amazed that that all happened in the space of ONLY two years. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I know we can get through anything as long as we have each other and the gospel.


Quail Lake at Sun Rise :) So excited to go this weekend.

So three weeks ago I went to my normal dental cleaning and found out that my wisdom teeth (that I had removed last June) had grown into my two lower bottom teeth and had completely ruined them so I had to have them removed and had “bone putty” into my lower jaw. It was super glamours and I am just now able to eat solid food.

Lately I have been experimenting with different hairstyles because my hair is geting long enough to do fun things! Here are some pictures from my latest fav: The Hair Bow.

IMG_20130425_112355 IMG_20130429_134620

Two years ago tomorrow I went through the temple for the first time. I had been given a lot of “advice” and honestly it scared me a lot. However the temple was, and is the most beautiful part of my life. The calming peace and undeniable truth lets me know exactly WHY I am here and what my purpose is.


This is from my first time through the temple with some many people I love around me.

We are officially moving in 99 days. 99 days till I lose my husband again to three more years of school ;). I am not actually keeping track but there is a countdown on my phone. It’s all very bitter sweet. I am so excited to move back East and have this adventure with Garren, but I will miss our families and friends.


Greatest Saturday Ever!

So Friday after I got off work Garren and I started the drive to Provo, Utah! I love my husband. He seriously is my best friend. We talked non stop the way up there, like you would with a friend you haven’t seen in years. I miss him when life gets busy. I didn’t have make up on and still feeling sick but here is a picture of the beginning of our journey! :P

Isn’t Garren so hot? Yep definitely. So then we get Kali and Shelby’s around 10:30. I love them they are such good friends. We went to bed around 1:30 and woke up at 6:30 so that we could get to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for Kendra and Brianna’s 9:00 am session. Kendra and Mara have always been those people I have gone to for spiritual advice and guidance, and not having them there when I went through the temple was rough. But now I realize what a great blessing it truly is. Now I get to be there for them when they make this amazing step. The temple is the most amazing place ever. I love my best friend and I am so happy for her! We did take pictures at the temple but not on my camera so I will try and get a copy of one and post it.

After the temple Garren and I needed to change our clothes to our Lakers apparel, so we went over to an open church building. The only bathroom we found was a one room dual gender bathroom so we quickly just went into it and changed. Upon existing said bathroom we came face to face with 4 very awkward looking missionaries. Oops. After waving our wedding rings around a bit we made our exit.

We had about 6 hours to waste before the Lakers game so first we went to Costco and had to get a temporary card (I lost Deniece’s Yes I am a genius). We got a novaform gel foam mattress topper. Don’t worry I will soon blog about it. Then we ate at costco which was a mistake because my gallbladder revolted.

After that we went to Ikea and pretended to build our dream home! It was so fun! We planned out our future kitchen, office, living room, closets and kids rooms. If you havent’ been to Ikea GO NOW. Its seriously so fun. We bought a lucky bamboo plant there.

Then we headed the rest of the way up to Salt Lake City. I have been in the Energy Solutions Arena before, but never had such… uh… high seats. This is our view to the floor.

And this is our view to the absolute top of the arena

So yeah not the best seats, but its SO fun. I will admit at first I was feeling really sick and kind of scared about how high up we were. Yes I know ridiculous but I got so dizzy. Its really steep as well. Once the game started I didn’t notice. The Lakers had a slight edge over the Jazz the entire game until the 4th quarter, then some bad calls by the refs and some unfortunate missed opportunities by the Lakers had us lose 96-87. A huge fight broke out between a Jazz and Lakers fan, and the Lakers Coach Mike Brown was ejected from the game after one of the refs bad calls. They had to hold him back from the ref. It looked like he was going to punch. him. It was crazy intense. Jazz fans are really rude to Lakers fans, but thats OK IT WAS SO FUN. And I will always be a Lakers fan. :)

Garren let me wear his Kobe jersey. Yeah he loves me a lot! :)