Free from my Gallbladder!

So Tuesday was the day I went down to St. George to get my gallbladder out. I was freaking out (A LOT) about basically everything. The anesthesia scared me the most, but the Anesthesiologist came into my room and calmed my nerves. He said they put a monitor on your brain to make sure you really are unconscious. (I was afraid I would be like trapped in my head, feeling everything but unable to communicate to them. Technology is amazing these days!)

My Doctor (Dr. Myers) is seriously amazing. The second he walked into the room complete calm washed over me. He has a great spirit about him. (That probably sounds weird but it makes sense to me)

I don’t remember when they put me to sleep. I remember them giving me something for my anxiety… it was amazing. ha ha But next thing I know I wake up to this weird alarm going off and the Nurse saying, “Larissa you need to breathe” I couldn’t talk well because they had to intubate me, but I kept thinking in my head, “Um I am breathing!” It was all pretty trippy. The nurse said that I kept saying things like, “I feel like I just got stabbed or shot,” and when she asked me my pain level I said 9. I can’t imagine myself saying 9 (10 being the worst).I don’t remember getting from the recovery room to where Garren and Deniece were. I did feel really nauseous so they gave me a miracle drug in my iv. With in literally 45 second my nausea was gone. They gave me a nausea patch too that lasts 3 days so that’s been helping a lot too.

Garren is a rock star of a husband. I have never felt so loved and cared for in my life. Most of the time I don’t even have to tell him what I need, he just automatically knows how to help me.


I slept most of the day on Tuesday and yesterday I took my pain medicine. (SERIOUSLY NECESSARY! ) I can’t believe how bad this pain is. Did you know you use your ab muscles for basically everything? Yeah I feel like my stomach is being ripped open every time I get up. Any way they gave me lortab. Then it got a little scary because I broke out in hives, my face was all puffy, and beet red. I tried calling the nurse but she was super busy and didn’t think it was from the lortab… It definitely was though. So when Garren got home (My cute grandmas stayed with me most of the day while he was gone.) he took one look at me and called the Dr. They finally got me a new pain med (non narcotic) and I took some benadryl. Miracle workers. This pain med is SO much better. It doesn’t me feel as out of it.

Today the pain is much more manageable, and I am not as afraid to be alone. Yesterday was by far one of the worst days ever, but Garren was there for me and I couldn’t be more blessed.

I have absolutely no appetite, but luckily I have to take pain pills, so I have to eat.

I feel like maybe I am still a little out of it because I just read through this post and don’t remember typing like half of it…. so Uh don’t judge.