Trials and Friendship

So I have this best friend. She is my best friend in the entire universe ( besides my wonderful husband Garren). We have been friends since the day I move to Cedar City  almost 9 years ago. ( Yes we celebrate our anniversary every year)

She has been there for me through every break up and heart ache, the death of close family members, crazy trips around the US and a life altering trip to Africa.

Kendra (Eugene) Haynie is a huge blessing in my life. She is currently Sister Haynie serving Houston, Texas. Prior to her mission, she was my personal missionary. I didn’t go to church, or have a testimony when I first moved here. She showed me the way to true and ever lasting joy. She helped me find a testimony of my own.

Losing our baby was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. Kendra not being here almost made it harder. However, she is amazing and knows exactly what to to write  to make me look up; to see and feel Heavenly Father’s great love for me. She helped me understand my baby is not lost, but is loved and well cared for.

I am so proud of her for serving a mission and can’t wait till I get to hug her again. Also every one write her a letter:

Sister Kendra Haynie
5303 Atascocita Rd. #426
Humble, Tx 77346


This is us in high school!


We have a lot of water fights....


Wedding day!

In other news Garren was offered another interview at the University of Rhode Island! We are so excited for these wonderful opportunities. It better snow soon Christmas is two weeks away!