Welcome to Our New Apartment

So this post is mostly for my family members who have been begging for pictures :) Nothing to exciting, but I love our new little apartment!



So this is just as you come around from the entrance. I love that I can “buzz” people in. It makes me feel powerful.


Standing in the living room looking at our new table and chairs. Peeking into the kitchen


Half the living room.


Our new dressers ( the deals Garren found on craigslist are astounding) and clothes Garren doens’t know where to put…. ;)




Other half of the living room


Hallway into the bedrooms and bathroom


King size bed… best thing ever.


Baby room has a bunch of stuff in it right now… Can’t wait to find out the gender so I can work on it!




Other half of bathroom


I can’t believe I have been here for a week now!! Garren starts school in a week (and two days) and my first doctor appointment out here is in 2.5 weeks. Tonight Garren and I are going to a New Hampshire Fisher Cats game. It’s minor league baseball. I feel like I am on vacation because all we have done the last week is have fun! (oh and unpack…. but I think that is fun….)



You know that sang, “Home is where the heart is”? I just learned first hand how true this is.

Garren and Jerry left Monday afternoon, hauling all our “stuff” to Manchester. They are making amazing time and will be there in about 3 hours.

Sybil pulling the trailer like a champ, and two (still enthusiastic) drivers ;)

Sybil pulling the trailer like a champ, and two (still enthusiastic) drivers ;)

Last night, as I was having another bout of pregnancy induced insomnia, I had the thought, “I want to go home.” I realized instantly that I was referring to New Hampshire. A place I have never been. Why? Well that is where my husband is. I literally associate my home with him. Garren is all I need to feel at home no matter where our life may take us. I feel so comforted and at peace with my life for this very reason. Our marriage isn’t perfect, we both make mistakes daily, but the foundation we base our life on is. Serving one another, other people around us, and most importantly God, has helped us see the bigger picture in life.  It’s opened my eyes to to the true meaning behind “home”.

As a child I moved. A. Lot. Four different states and far to many houses to count by the time I was 15 years old. I use to be so jealous of friends who had literally lived in the same house their whole life. I craved that stability and sense of who I am and where I come from. Now I know, no matter where I live, my home will be the same for the  decades of years to come. My home will forever be next to Garren. I realize this is getting sappy, and I am crying just thinking about this. (Pregnancy has made my already horrible crying “reflex” even worse)

In other less emotional news, the second trimester is already BY FAR better than the first. I am still lacking some energy but my nausea is much better. I still feel sick, especially if I go long without food. I am rarely throwing up any more though. This has been greatly appreciated. I will probably do another pregnancy post in a few weeks.

Garren starts Physical Therapy school on August 26th. I love seeing how excited he is. We are both so blessed to have the opportunity to follow our dreams. (I am ecstatic about being a stay at home mom) He is such a hard worker and I know he will excel at this new challenge in his life! While it’s easy to think about life after grad school; after school loans and late nights studying, I am excited for this new chapter in our lives and plan to make the most out of each and every day.


Three days until I go HOME. :)