One Year Anniversary!

Well I clearly took a little break from blogging but I am back! I will just fill you in on whats been going on with us the past month and a half :)

-Garren finished spring semesters with AMAZING grades :) He is so smart. He also just finished Microbiology in Maymester with an A. He is studying hard for the GRE in a few weeks.

-He is taking Chemistry I and II this summer semester.

On May 6th we celebrated our very first anniversary. I can’t believe we have been married for over a year now! It has certainly flown by, and has been the best year of my life. I love being married to my best friend.

To celebrate we stayed at a resort in St George. It was perfect because it was a nice getaway, and we didn’t have to spend half the weekend driving in the car to get there. He spoiled me :)

I’m still working in the hospital, and we recently took up swimming.  Now that we have been married for a year becoming parents is always in the fore front of my mind. No this is not an announcement. Its still about a year in the future, however I am definitely preparing now by losing the weight I gained over the past couple of years, saving lots of money, and ye,s even refinishing baby furniture. My need to be a mom is unlike ayn other desire I have ever felt, and I am determined to be the best possible mom I can be.

Garren applies to grad school this summer! Its very nerve racking. I know he will get in and I just need to have enough faith. I am a planner by nature, and not knowing where we will be moving to in a years time Freaks me out! Luckily I also love adventure, so I am very excited about moving some where new with him :)

I got my wisdom teeth out Thursday. It was long over due. The first day was HORRIBLE. I told Garren I would rather deal with pain than be numb any day of my life. They tell you to take an antibiotic and the pain meds as soon as you get home… Well when your numb for 10 hours after it and cant keep water in your mouth that’s virtually impossible. Pain I can deal with. Just another reason (though significantly less important) as to why I will never get an epidural when having a baby.

Two favorite new movies : The Avengers and What to Expect when Your Expecting. SO good!

Sorry I don’t have any pictures!



Our Sunday Asian Feast

So this weekend Jerry and Deniece went to San Diego for their anniversary (31 year shout out!! WOOT!) which means the poor children had to fend for themselves for Sunday dinner. Well don’t despair! We had an AMAZING dinner! Garren and I made HOMEMADE Coconut Rice, HOMEMADE Egg-drop Soup, and Honey Garlic Chicken (not so homemade.)

The coconut rice was so delicious. By far the best homemade coconut rice I have ever had! The recipe for the Coconut Rice.

Garren made the coconut rice. Good job Sugar Bear!

I made the egg-drop soup. I was a little nervous that I was taking on too big of a task at first, but it was SO easy! I will definitely be making this again. It was so fresh! Way better than any restaurant’s soup I’ve had. Here is the recipe for the Egg-Drop Soup.

Not the best quality picture, but oh so good soup!

and finally the honey garlic chicken! It was definitely worth the purchase! It was amazing with the coconut rice!


After dinner…. the three of us felt just a little full…. Ok we basically all felt like dying Thanksgiving dinner style. So we watched some BBQ Pitmasters, before making Ashlee’s Apple Wontons!

Garren.... just a little full! :PAshlee was full, but still super cute!

Ashlee was full, but still super cute!

Sad that I am so full.... and gross looking. SO EXCITED TO GET FEELING BETTER!

So I will let ya all know how good Ashlee’s desert is. Here is the pic of the recipe! Looks yummy!

Super Excited!

Basically it was a very successful Sunday family dinner. I will make all of this again.

UPDATE: The apple wontons were AMAZING. We made coconut milk whipped cream and had caramel with them. YUMMY! Here is the recipe: Apple Wontons

We recently found the blog Budget Bytes. It has amazing cheap and healthy recipes. We use it basically every day! Check it out: Budget Bytes


Hot Date ;)

Well its Friday! I am free from work and its date night! To start our date we went on a walk on this trail near our home. I love just walking and getting to talk to Garren. Its nice to not have a television, laptop, or cellphone to distract us. We came home and made dinner, which consisted of Tuna Melts (made with non fat Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise) and sweet potato french fries. YUM! We are having a lot of fun turning all of our meals into healthy, delicious creations.

After dinner we watched a movie called, “Midnight in Paris”. It has Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. I had wanted to see this movie when I first saw a preview a few months ago and Garren sweetly agreed. It was amazing! I loved the story and the material was right up my alley. Paris is now on my travel dream list. The movie is about finding one’s self, appreciating the past, but ultimately discovering the beauty of the present. WATCH IT NOW :)

Tomorrow we are going to play racquet ball, shoot some hoops, go on a picnic, and I am going to work on his Valentines Day present! I love weekends with my Sugar Bear :)