Thanksgiving Week!

Garren had the ENTIRE week off of school this week. It has been wonderful having him home and I am already dreading Monday! We started off the week by going to see Catching Fire last Saturday. I had quickly re-read the book the week before and was actually quite impressed with the movie. The cinematography was a lot less shaky than the first and it followed closer to the book. There was one part that seriously annoyed me, but I will just have to let it go! We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner (YUM) and when we came out there was a full fledged white out. First snow of the season! I was very excited but bummed that it hadn’t made it’s way to Manchester. (We were in Londonderry)

Garren had to clean the car off and regretted not wearing a coat!

Garren had to clean the car off and regretted not wearing a coat!


On our way to the movie!

We used Garren’s time off to get Baby Red’s nursery done. It is almost complete. I wont share pictures of that just yet because there are still a few vital things that need to go up before it’s finished. I am so excited. I go in there all of the time to just stare at her room and imagine what it will be like going in to get her in the mornings.


We spent Thanksgiving with friends. We are blessed to have couples our age in our ward and have developed a wonderful friendship with them. We each brought different dishes and the meal went off wonderfully. It was delicious. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. This week I have done more than I have did the rest of the month and Thanksgiving night I was having tons of Braxton Hicks contractions. It actually scared me enough to make me do absolutely nothing Friday and just rest. I am feeling much better though and baby girl is just as active as ever.

Today we decorated for Christmas! Our apartment is pretty small so we couldn’t use all of our decorations but the tree is up! I love looking at it! We took a picture in front of the tree and I got all pregnant and emotional thinking about how next year our baby girl will be in that picture with us! (I guess technically she is in this one… ;) )


Cute Window Clings on our Balcony

Cute Window Clings on our Balcony


Our Tree! :)


Life Around Here

Contrary to what my posts suggest, we DO in fact have some semblance of a life still. Although the majority of it looks like this:

IMG_20131028_220057Last week Garren had two huge tests. Luckily he found out pretty quickly that he got A’s on both of them, so we got to have a fun worry free weekend. We got a great deal on groupon to go see the Monarchs play. Neither of us had ever been to a hockey game. It was super fast paced and a ton of fun.

IMG_20131026_154756 IMG_20131026_150736

We were both getting over the flu and walked about 2 miles around downtown. It was a cold day and I ended up feeling so exhausted. I am really hoping pregnancy is making it harder to get better from the flu, and that I didn’t actually age 25 years in the last 6 months. We went to Chipotle for dinner and then to TJ Maxx to look at their clearance baby selection. This may be one of our favorite past times. If you think I am bad, you should see Garren’s reactions to all the little dresses. He may just be worse than me. He is already wrapped around little Miss Red’s finger. We didn’t buy anything because we feel like her clothing collection is coming along just fine:

IMG_20131028_141121This is her “Newborn-6 months” clothing stash. We will probably need to think about bigger sizes! The tiny ones are just every one’s favorite size to buy. SO CUTE.

Recently I finished our wedding album! I am so in love with it. It’s very simple and the pictures tell the story. I love that our kids/grandkids/great grandkids will have so much to look at to learn about us. Between our journals, blogs, and scrapbooks we have a very well documented life.


Tuesday we went to Trunk or Treat at our church! This is the first time I have been able to go and decorate our trunk and pass out candy. Garren tried to convince me to go as a pregnant nun (I am 99% sure he was kidding) but we compromised with my bump being a basketball and letting him wear his Lakers jersey.  basketball


Last night for Halloween we went to our friends house for a party! We had delicious Halloween themed food and played some Halloween pictionary. It was a lot of fun and a much needed break for Garren from school (and me from our apartment!) I took pictures of the cute food but once we started eating and playing I completely forgot to take pictures of the people! Dumb right? Oh well we had a very fun week!


Homemade Rootbeer


Stew in the pumpkin and Boiling Blood (punch)


Mummy Dogs


Pumpkin shaped cheese ball


Our cute hostess!


On our way home from the party!

This Saturday we are going on a tour of the Labor and Delivery Department at the Elliot Hospital. I am weirdly excited to see the place Baby Red will be born! Only two more weeks until our ultrasound to determine if my placenta previa has corrected itself or not! Fingers Crossed :)


Monday Family Home Evening

Since we are expecting our first baby we decided to center our Family Home Evening lessons on the manual called “A Parent’s Guide,” found HERE on lds.org. I did our first lesson tonight on the section within chapter one called “An Earthly Family Is a Preparation for an Eternal Family”. I couldn’t get through the whole thing with out crying. Just thinking about the great blessing and responsibility of bringing this little girl into our home is humbling and overwhelming. We look forward to this challenge and know we will need the Lord’s support in every step of this journey.

Garren’s activity went perfectly with helping us remember what is truly important in this life. We have compiled a list of 100 things we are grateful for and have decided to share the top ten with you:

  • Our Savior Jesus Christ and His infinite atonement.
  • Eternal Family- The families we were blessed with and the family we are now building together
  • The Gospel and all it entails- The Book of Mormon, The Plan of Salvation, Our Testimonies, Temples ect
  • Our Daughter- Yes we know she is apart of our eternal family but we lover her so much she warranted her own bullet point.
  • The comforts within our temporal life. Our car, apartment, the ability to walk in to our kitchen when hungry.
  • Good friends. We have both been bless to have made amazing friends through out our short lives so far and are indebted to their amazing examples.
  • Education. Garren is currently in grad school following his dream to be a Physical Therapist. This will in turn make it possible for me to follow my dream of being a stay at home mom. I have two semesters left of my bachelors degree and wouldn’t trade any of the education I have had thus far for anything.
  • Laughter. Every night Garren and I find random youtube videos to watch so that our day always ends with us laughing. We are always laughing together. In fact last yesterday in church we sang hymn #156 entitled, “Sing We Now at Parting”. One of us made the comment “what if that p was an f.” (Maturity at it’s finest. We are having a child people. Scary stuff I know) Any way that got us giggling. Then the last line of the first verse says, “fill this sabbath air”. All composure was gone. Garren was crying, and I was trying not to pee in all my pregnant glory. Now I don’t condone being irreverent in Church, but this was just one of those moments when laughing cannot be stopped. Laughing is very therapeutic.
  • Nature. We have both been blessed to live in many different places and it never stops to astound us how gorgeous this world is that our Father in Heaven created for us. We have many dreams and plans of seeing more of it in the many years to come.
  • Finally Ice Cream. Yep. Ice Cream. Nothing is better than sitting down with a bowl of ice cream, or coming home and knowing you have some in your freezer. Ice cream fixes bad days and celebrates good days. Ice Cream is an Allred staple. Just ask any of us ;)

Family Home Evening is a wonderful tradition/practice in church and I urge every one to make it a tradition within your own family. I can’t wait for the day when our children gather around us for this purpose.

Since every blog post needs a picture here is me playing pictionary with Garren telling him what I want to eat for dinner and a picture of Garren’s favorite post test celebration.


IMG_20131008_144109 IMG_20131008_191359 (2)


Welcome to Our New Apartment

So this post is mostly for my family members who have been begging for pictures :) Nothing to exciting, but I love our new little apartment!



So this is just as you come around from the entrance. I love that I can “buzz” people in. It makes me feel powerful.


Standing in the living room looking at our new table and chairs. Peeking into the kitchen


Half the living room.


Our new dressers ( the deals Garren found on craigslist are astounding) and clothes Garren doens’t know where to put…. ;)




Other half of the living room


Hallway into the bedrooms and bathroom


King size bed… best thing ever.


Baby room has a bunch of stuff in it right now… Can’t wait to find out the gender so I can work on it!




Other half of bathroom


I can’t believe I have been here for a week now!! Garren starts school in a week (and two days) and my first doctor appointment out here is in 2.5 weeks. Tonight Garren and I are going to a New Hampshire Fisher Cats game. It’s minor league baseball. I feel like I am on vacation because all we have done the last week is have fun! (oh and unpack…. but I think that is fun….)


2nd Anniversary!

On May 6th we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. We went camping the weekend before to celebrate, but not celebrating the day of would just be madness :)

We kept it pretty low key and just went to dinner at Wingers and had the cutest little bottles of Martinellis sparkling cider ever.

The second year of marriage was much harder than the first. We went through some pretty “Adult” trials and had to make “Adult” decisions. That may seem really weird. I mean we are married and have been “Adults” for a while but we would some times laugh at how we felt like kids trying to make it through the grown-up world. The day we lost our baby made us grow up pretty fast. Life took a new perspective and our goals were re-focused. I always knew I was blessed to have Garren as a husband but through the last year I realized we are an incredibly strong unit. We don’t get to pick the trials we have but we did get to chose each other to face them together. I am so excited to start this new adventure. Garren has been working so hard to get to physical therapy school and it is so comforting to know that he will always do his best to take care of me and our family.

Best Parts of our 2 year of marriage:

A very rainy but perfect camping trip

Going to Montana to see Kyle, Heather, and the Kids

Garren getting in to Franklin Pierce University’s DPT Program

Finding out we were going to be parents


So since the 2nd anniversary is the “Cotton” anniversary we tie dyed shirts for each other! Here are pictures of that and the whole anniversary day :)


This isn’t from our actual anniversary… but it makes me happy that we still hold hands in the car :)


He got me my favorite flowers for our anniversary! Gorgeous.


He was a little hungry


I guess after months of eating recipes from Skinnytaste.com he wanted a little bit of fat…. :P


Gross picture, cute bottles!




Ready to Celebrate :)


Notice the 2’s


He did a good job


I like to think I did too!

Bring on year number 3!


Week of Bliss :)

This week is going to be amazing! After a lot of hard work by him (and lonely nights sitting on the couch by me) Garren is graduating with his Bachelors of Science. His major was Physical Education and Human Performance with a concentration in Exercise Science. He graduates Friday, and then we are heading to Quail Lake to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. (I will post about our 2nd year of marriage and the celebration next week) I can hardly believe that we have been married for two years, but then I think about everything that has happened, all the blessing and trials we have gone through, and amazed that that all happened in the space of ONLY two years. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I know we can get through anything as long as we have each other and the gospel.


Quail Lake at Sun Rise :) So excited to go this weekend.

So three weeks ago I went to my normal dental cleaning and found out that my wisdom teeth (that I had removed last June) had grown into my two lower bottom teeth and had completely ruined them so I had to have them removed and had “bone putty” into my lower jaw. It was super glamours and I am just now able to eat solid food.

Lately I have been experimenting with different hairstyles because my hair is geting long enough to do fun things! Here are some pictures from my latest fav: The Hair Bow.

IMG_20130425_112355 IMG_20130429_134620

Two years ago tomorrow I went through the temple for the first time. I had been given a lot of “advice” and honestly it scared me a lot. However the temple was, and is the most beautiful part of my life. The calming peace and undeniable truth lets me know exactly WHY I am here and what my purpose is.


This is from my first time through the temple with some many people I love around me.

We are officially moving in 99 days. 99 days till I lose my husband again to three more years of school ;). I am not actually keeping track but there is a countdown on my phone. It’s all very bitter sweet. I am so excited to move back East and have this adventure with Garren, but I will miss our families and friends.


Moving/Yard Sale!

Well we are moving out of our apartment next Saturday, and staying with my Uncle until we move to New Hampshire in August. After thinking long and hard we have come to the conclusion we need to sell all our furniture and just take the necessities with us on the cross country journey. This will literally save us THOUSANDS of dollars.

This also makes me so sad, because the majority of our furniture we found at thrift stores or estate sales,  then refinished them ourselves. Luckily Garren’s parents will store our kitchen table for us (way to amazing to sale) and are buying my beloved dresser.

The rest is up for grabs! The yard sale will be Saturday April 13th from 9:00 am – until we either run out of stuff to sell or it gets to dark!

The sale will be located at 1175 North, Northfield Road on a grassy area near the apartment complex. There will be signs and balloons letting you know exactly where it is! Hope to see you all there!

We are selling:

  • Couch and Love Seat
  • 2 Tv Stands
  • 2 night stands
  • Refinished Antique Sewing table
  • Desk
  • Refinished Spindle Changing Table
  • Love Sac
  • Lamps
  • Dishes/Glasses/Vases ect
  • Bouncer Chair/Foot rest
  • End Tables
  • Magic Bullet/George Foreman/Electric Skillet
  • Fondue Maker/Ice Cream Maker/Snow Cone Maker
  • Small charcoal grill
  • 6 Wooden table chairs
  • An old Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop (Works great but needs a new Batter)
  • Backbacks/laptop case/coolers

Every thing has to go so come make your best offers!

Below are some pictures of a few of the things we are selling!


Solid wood Dresser


Bouncer Chair and Foot Rest


TV Stand and TV


Cuddle Bug (Love Sac)


End Tables (2 total)


Girl Car Seat (Great Condition)


Magic Bullet (Used only a few times with ALL attachments)


Refinished antique sewing table (Crystal Knobs on drawers not in photo)


Tan Micro fiber couch. Love Seat is identical


Desk and Chair


Refinished spindle changing table (white/giraffe print)


Ice Cream Maker


2009 Dell Inspiron Runs great but needs new battery

IMG_20130410_183320 IMG_20130410_183336 IMG_20130410_183634 IMG_20130410_183917 IMG_20130410_195938