10 Months of Wedded Bliss!

We have officially, as of yesterday, been married for 10 months! Our one year anniversary is just around the corner! Ahh! I am so excited!

Any way the past week and a half has proved that I am by far the luckiest woman alive. My husband is seriously amazing. I got my gallbladder out last Tuesday. (I know I blogged about it but I have NO recollection of writing it, ha ha ) He took amazing care of me  and I am sure it was exhausting for him. I am doing so much better now and even though last week was not the greatest, I don’t regret it at all. I don’t feel nauseous every time I eat! After the last 6 months, I was afraid that was just going to be apart of my every day life.

I also have started a new position at work, I am still doing the same thing, I just work a few more hours a week and i am up in the front registration of the hospital. (The new hours make my insurance cheaper, and obviously give us more money.) The down side is I love working in ER registration, and now I don’t get the opportunity to work there as much. I will still get to be on call there every 4th weekend. The girls in the RDC are awesome though so I am glad I get to work with them.

Garren started his GRE prep class last week and will be taking the test in May! He has 3 classes he will be taking over the summer and then in late July we start the application process for grad school! It freaks me out a little bit, as most of you know, I LOVE adventure so bring it on! So far the schools we are applying to for his doctorate in Physical Therapy are:

Eastern Washington University- (Washington State)
University of Montana
Gannon University (Erie, Pennsylvania)
University of St. Augustine (Florida)
New York Medical College (Valhalla, New York)
Bellarmine University (Kentucky)
Franklin Pearce University (New Hampshire)
George Washington University (Washington DC)
Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
University of the Pacific (Stockton, California)


Our top choice right now is St. Augustine! He is also planning on applying for the Allied Health Scholarship with the Air Force! Any one have thoughts or knowledge about the schools above?


Free from my Gallbladder!

So Tuesday was the day I went down to St. George to get my gallbladder out. I was freaking out (A LOT) about basically everything. The anesthesia scared me the most, but the Anesthesiologist came into my room and calmed my nerves. He said they put a monitor on your brain to make sure you really are unconscious. (I was afraid I would be like trapped in my head, feeling everything but unable to communicate to them. Technology is amazing these days!)

My Doctor (Dr. Myers) is seriously amazing. The second he walked into the room complete calm washed over me. He has a great spirit about him. (That probably sounds weird but it makes sense to me)

I don’t remember when they put me to sleep. I remember them giving me something for my anxiety… it was amazing. ha ha But next thing I know I wake up to this weird alarm going off and the Nurse saying, “Larissa you need to breathe” I couldn’t talk well because they had to intubate me, but I kept thinking in my head, “Um I am breathing!” It was all pretty trippy. The nurse said that I kept saying things like, “I feel like I just got stabbed or shot,” and when she asked me my pain level I said 9. I can’t imagine myself saying 9 (10 being the worst).I don’t remember getting from the recovery room to where Garren and Deniece were. I did feel really nauseous so they gave me a miracle drug in my iv. With in literally 45 second my nausea was gone. They gave me a nausea patch too that lasts 3 days so that’s been helping a lot too.

Garren is a rock star of a husband. I have never felt so loved and cared for in my life. Most of the time I don’t even have to tell him what I need, he just automatically knows how to help me.


I slept most of the day on Tuesday and yesterday I took my pain medicine. (SERIOUSLY NECESSARY! ) I can’t believe how bad this pain is. Did you know you use your ab muscles for basically everything? Yeah I feel like my stomach is being ripped open every time I get up. Any way they gave me lortab. Then it got a little scary because I broke out in hives, my face was all puffy, and beet red. I tried calling the nurse but she was super busy and didn’t think it was from the lortab… It definitely was though. So when Garren got home (My cute grandmas stayed with me most of the day while he was gone.) he took one look at me and called the Dr. They finally got me a new pain med (non narcotic) and I took some benadryl. Miracle workers. This pain med is SO much better. It doesn’t me feel as out of it.

Today the pain is much more manageable, and I am not as afraid to be alone. Yesterday was by far one of the worst days ever, but Garren was there for me and I couldn’t be more blessed.

I have absolutely no appetite, but luckily I have to take pain pills, so I have to eat.

I feel like maybe I am still a little out of it because I just read through this post and don’t remember typing like half of it…. so Uh don’t judge.


Basically a Bunch of Nonsense

So last Saturday we bought a Novaform Foam Mattress pad. Let me tell you it’s amazing! You lay down on the bed and it just envelopes you. Its heaven. My hip, which is usually in agony when I wake up, is barely even sore. I also fall asleep a lot faster than I normally do. So if you are in need of a better nights sleep this is definitely an investment worth making.

So my FC Lauren Smith is getting married next month!! Last year at Garren’s and my wedding reception I threw the boquet and it landed on the roof of the pavillion. Lauren, (who is 6’3) with the help of her father, ( who is 7’0) retrieved it from its mistaken location. I was told that her heroine rescue did not count and I had to throw it again. She didn’t catch it this time. Turns out the universe enjoyed her effort and it’s been rewarded. I am so excited for her!
The Black Mamba’s had another game Monday night. The team they played was, let’s say older. A few of them were psych proffesors, including Garren’s abnormal psychology teacher. It was very entertaining to watch as usual. They beat them by 11 points. It was definitely Garren’s best game. He made a couple three pointers, as well as a few lay-ups. Super proud. He, with out fail points to me at his first points of the game. Romantic? I think yes.
I meet with the surgeon next Thursday about my gall bladder so hopefully my misery will be ended soon! (Ok its not that mad, its just crazy annoying to always feel sick.) I am on Day 4 with out soda. I’d like to say its the easiest thing I have ever done and I don’t miss it….. but I try to make it a habit of not lying. Even to myself.
Question for all of you recovered soda drinkers: how long did it take for you to stop craving it? Also did you get withdrawal headaches. I definitely do. I think I need rehab.
I really wish this post was more interesting… but its not. I am still going to post it because one day I might wonder what we were up to on the second week in February. Ya know? Oh that reminds me we have been married for 9 months! 3 months till the year mark?! What the heck. Time sure flies once your married to you best friend.
This is the kind of puppy Garren is going to get me when he graduates from University next May. She is a French Bulldog. Presh.

Black Mamba Game 2

Alright so the boys did AWESOME tonight. They played so much better and were ahead the majority of the time…. then 28 seconds before the end of the game the other team hit a three putting them a head by one. Then we lost the ball and there was ten seconds on the clock. We foul them 3 or 4 times and finally get the ball back. The clock has ONE second on it. The throw the ball down the court, New Guy shoot for a far out 3 AND HE ……… misses. But still a great game! ha haThe highlight of the game was when Garren scored and then pointed at me. My High School dreams realized yet again :) Its even better when its your husband :) (I still get butterflies calling him that)

I basically feel like crap. Turns out my gallbladder doesn’t function so thats whats causing all my nausea and pain. I go back to the Dr. tomorrow. Blech. 4 months of being nauseous. I am reaching my limit.

I love Garren Mitchell Allred, and can’t wait for this weekend.



Out of School, Yet the Tests Continue

Ok so for the last 3 months I have constantly felt nauseous, random stomach pains, and a lot more tired than I usually feel. Its been annoying at best. I didn’t have insurance last year, so I just lived with it. It wasn’t unbearable. However now I DO have insurance (Thank heavens for a good job!) and its time to figure out whats wrong with me. I have given blood 4 times in the past ten days (my arms are all bruised) and had an abdominal utlra sound this morning. My blood tests keep showing heightened levels on my liver enzymes. Basically it can mean a lot of things so they never give an opinion on what they think it is. I am getting a HIDAscan on Tuesday to see if ite my Gallbladder causing this mayhem in my body. So keep it in your prayers that we get answers here soon!

Prepare yourself, I am about to get mushy. Garren is a rock-star of a husband. He has been taking such good care of me. He NEVER complains, and is 100% supportive of every thing I do. He makes me feel like the most important person in the world and that I can literally succeed at anything I put my mind too. I’m so blessed to be married to this man. I can’t wait to have children with him. He will be a great Daddy :)


What a Trooper

In the last three months poor Larissa has been stupidly sick. She has had a upset stomach ache on and off during that time. This whole while she is doing such a great job of being strong and not complaining and just going on with life and I was very impressed because if that was me, freak I would be done with it in a week or maybe two but no not her. Hopefully it will get better soon so she doesn’t have to keep feeling like crap. Oh and no she is not pregnant haha which everyone seems to think it is.

On a slightly different note Intramural basketball at the university will be starting Monday so look forward to some funny stories and updates regarding that. It really is a laugh, I mean last year I almost was punched out, Kyle White got a T and the “Boys from LA” got dominated by a bunch of football players. Well with a new name and a year under our belt the Black Mambas look to dominate the B league with some dazzling passes and sweet threes.

Last thing to note, the Lakers are picking up the slack and got a win last night against the clippers with a whole team effort. Larissa and I…haha inside joke…that’s for you babe, hope to go to a Lakers jazz game on the 4th of February as we go up to Kendra’s temple session! Hopefully all things work out.

Well the Allred’s have been doing good I think I might not hate updating this blog once a week kinda fun.

Ps: Last night my parents called we were talking and they said they were having rib-eye stake and basil pasta for dinner Larissa then insisted we must go over, we did and all in all it was the greatest stake I have had in my life, so juicy and an amazing flavor. Nice one Larissa;)

This is me currently in class, I know the glasses are slightly large.


My Unfortunately Dramatic Morning

This morning was the worst. Seriously. I woke up feeling crazy nauseous, which shouldn’t be new. I have been feeling nauseous on and off for months, but it was really bad this morning. (Considering I am still getting over the flu) Any way I dry heaved for about half an hour, which in my opinion is worse than puking. You at least get some sort of relief from throwing up. Then after I showered I went to blow dry my hair, low and behold it trips the breaker and the power goes off. This ONLY happens when I blow dry my hair. I have an ECO friendly hairdryer for crying out loud. So I then proceeded to do what any self respecting 23 year old woman would do in my circumstance. I laid on the bed and cried like a baby, saying such things as “The whole world is against me,” “I will never get to go to church again,” and “I am probably going to go to Hell.” Like I said, dramatic. Any way my amazing husband came to my rescue and not only consoled me, but then proceeded to blow dry my hair for me. How sweet is that? We eventually made it to church. and while I still feel crazy nauseous I don’t feel as doom and gloom.


On a happier side not. Last night Garren and I laid in bed for 2 hours talking about New York, London, and Ghana. I love being married to my best friend.