Baby Red’s Baby Shower

I have made AMAZING friends out here in Manchester. I feel so blessed to have been welcomed in to this group of women and Baby Red is definitely feeling the love. Today we had a baby shower for her at Olive Garden.

Since her name is on the (adorable) cake I figured I might as well completely disclose that on here as well. We will probably continue to call her Baby Red though… the nick name just fits right now. Her full name is Blair Monroe Allred. Monroe is my Great Grandparents last name as well as my Great Uncle’s last name. I was lucky enough to have my Great Grandma in my life for 19 years and my Great Grandpa for 23 years. They are by far some of the most inspiring people I have ever known. My Uncle Ron is also a very special person in our lives and we couldn’t think of 3 better people to name our daughter after. Her first name kind of just came to us. We had a huge list of girl names but the second they told us she was a girl we knew Blair was her name!

Back to the shower…..


Love these Ladies!

Hopefully Blair loves to read as much as her mom does! So many wonderful books.

Hopefully Blair loves to read as much as her mom does! So many wonderful books.


We also made her an alphabet book.


I am excited to see the end result, it was such a cute idea.


Her nursery is Lilac, Gray and Giraffes so this cake is SERIOUSLY perfect.


Delicious food and great company

Delicious food and great company


Sale Update

Well the yard sale was a complete success! Thursday night I ended up having emergency oral surgery so I am afraid I wasn’t as helpful as I could have been to Garren. I seriously have an amazing husband.

We were able to sell most of the big items and a ton of small items. Looks like we may just be able to afford moving back east ;)

DaNae and Dillon came and hung out with us for a while. We ended up playing catch phrase, getting yelled at by a lady who thinks I am a horrible woman ( and blaming that fact on me being LDS) ( long story) and meeting the cutest older man and listening to his story about being in a coma for 3 months. He was adorable.


We went and watched The Host last night with them as well. I will admit The Host is the only Stephanie Meyer book I enjoy and the movie was decent. It had a great sound track!

We move into my uncles basement for the summer next Saturday! Moving to New Hampshire feels more and more real as the time goes on.

Garren graduates in a little less than 3 weeks and then we celebrate our 2nd anniversary! We are going camping!

I love my life.



Well this was my second time camping and it was SO fun! Shelby and Kali and their friend Mike and their labs Toby and Pepper came down to camp with us! We originally wanted to go camping at Red Cliffs, but by the time we got down there at 7:45 all the camp sites were taking so we continues on to Quail Lake and got a campsite there. It was gorgeous.

Kali and Shelby didn’t get down there till about 9:30 and to our dismay they close the gates! So after some… uh… finagling at the exit we manged to get them in, have a delicious dinner, and roast some marshmallows. I was really scared I was going to freeze all night but I was pleasantly surprised. I slept decently. I woke up at about 6:45  and had to pee like crazy (tmi?) so I walked out of the tent, with every intention of going back to sleep, until I saw this:


So I sat and watched the sunrise and made my very first solo fire :)

My fire!

Eventually every one woke up and we decided to take the dogs down to the water and throw the ball for them, then we packed up and went back over to red cliffs to go hiking! :)

I went to take this picture, and they both made the same creepy face. Ha ha

Love her!


Toby and Pepper

Part of beautiful hike!

The hike was amazing, and I am so glad I got to hang out with good friends and my amazing husband! OH! We also ran into my brother on the hike…. and he was holding hands with a girl! Oooh La la! :P

Tonight we are going to see this:

with Carlee and Trevor… and possibly Dillon and DaNae. SO EXCITED. Right now? I need a nap.

P.S. Pepe is a stud. Totally wasted on the freeway :)


Mexican Fiesta!

Ok so earlier this week I was reading the dating diva’s blog (HERE) and saw a date one of the m did themed around a Mexican Fiesta, so  I decided to make int my own! Our friends DaNae and Dillon joined us! Here is what we did!

So I wanted it to be a surprise for Garren. He was seriously amazing last week taking care of me after surgery so I wanted to show him how much I love and appreciate him! I decided to make fish tacos, one of his favorites, Spanish rice, and re-fried beans. Well the fish calls for a beer batter, and when I went to buy the beer I couldn’t do it! I am such a baby. I was too scared so I had to ask Garren to get it, therefore ruining the “what we are eating surprise.” But that’s ok :)

Any way Garren went over to DaNae and Dillon’s and watched basket ball while her and I decorated, hung the pinata, and made dinner. Oh I also made virgin mango margaritas. DELICIOUS.

Just Before the Date Began!

DaNae and Dillon enjoying the margaritas and dinner!

And us doing the same!

After dinner it was pinata time!

Garren had fun!

And so do Dillon!

DaNae and I made princess hats :)

After dinner and the pinata was cleaned up we watched Puss in Boots. Totally has a Spanish flavor so it worked :)

Super cute and funny movie

All in all it was a very successful date night….. Now I have to go to work from Midnight till 6 am. Woohoooo.