Monday Family Home Evening

Since we are expecting our first baby we decided to center our Family Home Evening lessons on the manual called “A Parent’s Guide,” found HERE on lds.org. I did our first lesson tonight on the section within chapter one called “An Earthly Family Is a Preparation for an Eternal Family”. I couldn’t get through the whole thing with out crying. Just thinking about the great blessing and responsibility of bringing this little girl into our home is humbling and overwhelming. We look forward to this challenge and know we will need the Lord’s support in every step of this journey.

Garren’s activity went perfectly with helping us remember what is truly important in this life. We have compiled a list of 100 things we are grateful for and have decided to share the top ten with you:

  • Our Savior Jesus Christ and His infinite atonement.
  • Eternal Family- The families we were blessed with and the family we are now building together
  • The Gospel and all it entails- The Book of Mormon, The Plan of Salvation, Our Testimonies, Temples ect
  • Our Daughter- Yes we know she is apart of our eternal family but we lover her so much she warranted her own bullet point.
  • The comforts within our temporal life. Our car, apartment, the ability to walk in to our kitchen when hungry.
  • Good friends. We have both been bless to have made amazing friends through out our short lives so far and are indebted to their amazing examples.
  • Education. Garren is currently in grad school following his dream to be a Physical Therapist. This will in turn make it possible for me to follow my dream of being a stay at home mom. I have two semesters left of my bachelors degree and wouldn’t trade any of the education I have had thus far for anything.
  • Laughter. Every night Garren and I find random youtube videos to watch so that our day always ends with us laughing. We are always laughing together. In fact last yesterday in church we sang hymn #156 entitled, “Sing We Now at Parting”. One of us made the comment “what if that p was an f.” (Maturity at it’s finest. We are having a child people. Scary stuff I know) Any way that got us giggling. Then the last line of the first verse says, “fill this sabbath air”. All composure was gone. Garren was crying, and I was trying not to pee in all my pregnant glory. Now I don’t condone being irreverent in Church, but this was just one of those moments when laughing cannot be stopped. Laughing is very therapeutic.
  • Nature. We have both been blessed to live in many different places and it never stops to astound us how gorgeous this world is that our Father in Heaven created for us. We have many dreams and plans of seeing more of it in the many years to come.
  • Finally Ice Cream. Yep. Ice Cream. Nothing is better than sitting down with a bowl of ice cream, or coming home and knowing you have some in your freezer. Ice cream fixes bad days and celebrates good days. Ice Cream is an Allred staple. Just ask any of us ;)

Family Home Evening is a wonderful tradition/practice in church and I urge every one to make it a tradition within your own family. I can’t wait for the day when our children gather around us for this purpose.

Since every blog post needs a picture here is me playing pictionary with Garren telling him what I want to eat for dinner and a picture of Garren’s favorite post test celebration.


IMG_20131008_144109 IMG_20131008_191359 (2)


Boston Temple

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to go to the Boston Temple with Jerry and Garren’s Grandparents. The temple is always a wonderful experience, and this was no different. The Boston Temple is hidden by tons of gorgeous tree’s. It took my breath away. The new endowment video was played during the session. It was simply gorgeous. The same… yet a completely different experience.


DSCN0078 DSCN0074


IMG_20130813_112025 IMG_20130813_112501


After the temple we went to the Yankee Lobster Company (courtesy of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) for some delicious lobster meals and then sadly had to take Jerry to the airport. I honestly don’t know what we would have done with out him here for the past week. We definitely have a great family/support system!

The apartment is officially upacked. I am in love with it :)

I have officially started Baby Red’s first nursery project. I have a feeling it will take the rest of the 5 1/2 months I have left. I am making a tree that will be made completely out of cut up toilet paper rolls and hot glue. Wish me luck ;)





Guess What We’re Getting for Valentine’s Day? :)

Well let me tell you a little story. Back in December when we miscarried our first baby I was having a really hard time. I just felt doomed to never get pregnant again, never hold my baby in my arms. One day while I was praying I suddenly felt so much peace, and the month May popped into my head. I just knew we were going to get pregnant again in May. I told Garren and he of course said “Or maybe sooner!” (He is always optimistic :) May came and I was semi terrified because  I feared I was putting to much pressure on the situation. Not to worry! On May 30th 2 beautiful lines popped up on that test. Garren wasn’t home and I tried to think of cute ways to tell him, but when he called me on his lunch break I blurted it out. I was way to excited to wait 5 more hours to tell him.

The Day We Found Out :)

The Day We Found Out :)

Because my miscarriage had happened less than 6 months from conceiving this baby I had to get blood work done every other day for weeks. It was horrible. The pregnancy hormone HCG has to double every 48 hours for the pregnancy to be “viable” (I hate that word) So when they stopped doubling, but were still rising significantly I got nervous, and the nurse more or less told us to prepare for the worst. While I knew I could survive another miscarriage I didn’t WANT to. I still felt so much peace that this baby was just fine. We were scheduled for an ultrasound at exactly 6 weeks. They told us that at that early there is about a 50/50 chance of seeing a heartbeat. I tried to not expect it. They showed us the sac and the tiny little baby and then Garren pointed to the screen and said, “Is that the heartbeat?” I remember holding my breath and  when she happily replied, “Yep!” The only thing that came out of my mouth was, ” SHUT UP?!!” Very articulate I know! I was just so excited to see life! Our precious tiny little baby has a heart beat. Pure Joy.

Our tiny nugget at 6 weeks!

Our tiny nugget at 6 weeks!

Since the heart had just barley started beating, my doctor had me come in for my first appointment a week later and made sure the heart rate had gone up. This is from that ultrasound. Crazy what a huge difference a week makes! The doctor also let us know that with a strong, documented heartbeat, the chances of miscarriage were now less than 1%. This gave my worried heart a lot of comfort.

Our Miracle at 7 weeks

Our Miracle at 7 weeks

My morning sickness started at around 6 weeks. I have lost about about 12 pounds. Luckily I only throw up about three times a week ( although when I do its all day long), but my nausea is constant and I have absolutely no appetite. My doctor finally put me on Zofran to see if it would help. I have heard great things about Zofran but unfortunately it didn’t really help me. Honestly I just don’t care how sick I need to be, I am just grateful to be pregnant. I am hoping it goes away with the second trimester though ;)


I have been living off of powerade!

On Wednesday, July 17th, we went to another Dr. appointment and got to see our baby AGAIN (seriously love that my doctor is doing everything he can to ease my fears) THIS TIME BABY LOOKED LIKE A BABY! He/she was wiggling around and making my heart melt. It was the most beautiful site in the whole world. The doctor put me on phenergen/promethazine instead of zofran (lost more weight this week from morning sickness) and it’s working much better, plus it makes me sleepy so that helps the insomnia ;)We have one last appointment and ultrasound with my doctor on August 1st (which is when I am posting this… ha ha ) and then on August 5th we move! It’s all starting to feel real.

We are so in love!

We are so in love!

Today was our last appointment in Utah! Our baby looked so much bigger: you could see the spine and he/she was kicking like crazy. I am so in love. We didn’t get a really good picture this time but that’s ok. Now to find a Doctor in NH!

Our Eternal Family is Getting so Much Sweeter :)

Our Eternal Family is Getting so Much Sweeter :)


Montana <3

Well our vacation has come to an end. It was amazing! We left Thursday night last week and pulled into Heather and Kyle’s at 7:00 am Friday. I could not believe how gorgeous Montana is. I was blown away. We hadn’t seen the kids or Kyle and Heather since Christmas so we were all so stoked to see them.

Aryana got baptized on Saturday and it was a beautiful experience. I can’t wait to be a mom! She looked so cute and I was so grateful we got to share this experience with her.

The rest of the trip was spent hanging out with family, going to Glacier National Park (Most beautiful place I have ever seen) making an amazing purse, and actually sleeping! I slept every single night like a baby. I didn’t have trouble falling asleep at all. I guess if you take the stress out of my life I sleep well.

We got to go on a double date with Kyle and Heather. I seriously love them. I could talk to Heather for hours. It amazes me how alike we are. I guess that proves how alike Kyle and Garren are.

I hope we get to see them soon!

Garren and I have realized we can’t apply to all of the school we initially wanted to for his doctorate. A lot of places don’t take AP credits, which is ridiculous. He is basically being punished for excelling. He has been emailing all of these schools to figure out which ones we CAN apply too. So far we can apply to St. Augustine: Florida, San Diego, and Austin, Texas and Bellarmine in Kentucky. We can’t apply too Montana State, Eastern Washington, or George Washington in D.C.We are still waiting to hear from 3 schools so keep us in your prayers that we will get good news! :)

Here are some pictures from our trip!

I would tell you what this picture is about... but since he ate it I am not allowed too.... ha


Isn't Montana Beautiful?


Love her.... and I want a baby....


At Glacier National Park


Mmm yeah!




The purse I made! Just needs buttons!


Our Sunday Asian Feast

So this weekend Jerry and Deniece went to San Diego for their anniversary (31 year shout out!! WOOT!) which means the poor children had to fend for themselves for Sunday dinner. Well don’t despair! We had an AMAZING dinner! Garren and I made HOMEMADE Coconut Rice, HOMEMADE Egg-drop Soup, and Honey Garlic Chicken (not so homemade.)

The coconut rice was so delicious. By far the best homemade coconut rice I have ever had! The recipe for the Coconut Rice.

Garren made the coconut rice. Good job Sugar Bear!

I made the egg-drop soup. I was a little nervous that I was taking on too big of a task at first, but it was SO easy! I will definitely be making this again. It was so fresh! Way better than any restaurant’s soup I’ve had. Here is the recipe for the Egg-Drop Soup.

Not the best quality picture, but oh so good soup!

and finally the honey garlic chicken! It was definitely worth the purchase! It was amazing with the coconut rice!


After dinner…. the three of us felt just a little full…. Ok we basically all felt like dying Thanksgiving dinner style. So we watched some BBQ Pitmasters, before making Ashlee’s Apple Wontons!

Garren.... just a little full! :PAshlee was full, but still super cute!

Ashlee was full, but still super cute!

Sad that I am so full.... and gross looking. SO EXCITED TO GET FEELING BETTER!

So I will let ya all know how good Ashlee’s desert is. Here is the pic of the recipe! Looks yummy!

Super Excited!

Basically it was a very successful Sunday family dinner. I will make all of this again.

UPDATE: The apple wontons were AMAZING. We made coconut milk whipped cream and had caramel with them. YUMMY! Here is the recipe: Apple Wontons

We recently found the blog Budget Bytes. It has amazing cheap and healthy recipes. We use it basically every day! Check it out: Budget Bytes