Saturday is Family Day… and Sometimes Mechanic Day

Since Garren is very busy with PT school throughout the week he always makes sure to dedicate Saturday afternoons to Blair and me. Today started out like any Saturday but ended up a lot like this one. We had grand plans to go to TJ Maxx and then grocery shopping. (Yes sometimes this is what our fun day looks like, no judging!) Well on our way to TJ Maxx the check engine light came on and the car felt like it was going to die. We were literally in the same area of Manchester as last time. So we pulled into the same mechanic and got the EXACT same diagnosis except for the opposite side. So we needed another oil control valve. How exciting.

Luckily we had the ergo with us, so I put B in it and she went right to sleep. That thing is a miracle worker. After getting the diagnosis and time estimate I called one of our friends and she graciously agreed to pick Blair and I up and take us home. Really I think we are blessed that both times this happened we were so close to a very good mechanic. They were so nice and straight forward with us. While I was walking around Garren said he had deja vu and asked me how happy was I that this time I am not 9 months pregnant. Quite happy!

When Garren got home we gave Blair a bath (She loves her baths!) and read some stories to her. She is starting to really pay attention to us when we talk to her. Its adorable.

I have watched THIS video of her probably a hundred times. That smile melts my heart.

I know I post a lot of pictures of Blair but you should know that’s not going to stop anytime soon. She is too cute to not share! I can’t believe she is already six weeks old!

Enjoy more pictures of her:


Bath time, pre hair wash. HER HAIR YOU GUYS!!! I love it


Happy girl before we left for TJ Maxx (Aka the mechanic)

All Clean!

All Clean!





Tried out the bumbo for the first time. She loves sitting up, but her head control is not quite up to par for this yet! (Hence the pillows.)


A Date Night Travesty

Date nights are super romantic when you are 9 months pregnant and waddling like an obese penguin. Yeah not so much! Today we decided to go walk around the mall and indulge in my current craving: Taco Bell. No judging people. We had a lot of fun and maybe hit up a clearance sale at Gap for Blair. I might like buying cute baby clothes, but Garren is by far the worst offender. He is wrapped so tightly around this little girl’s finger, I fear what it will be like once she is actually born. I can’t decide what I am more excited about, holding my daughter for the first time or seeing Garren hold her.

Back to our date night. As we were pulling into Taco Bell we hear this horrific clunkity-de-clunk sound coming from the engine and then the Engine light starts flashing like mad. Oh. Lovely. We parked and ate while Garren looked up auto repair shops on his phone. Most were, of course, closed because it was Saturday, but not 2 blocks up the road was Sullivans. (Blessing) After we ate our heart burn inducing lunch we prayed, held our breath and drove to Sullivans. Thankfully the car made it that far. In Utah to get your car’s issues diagnosed is completely free. Here it would be $100. Awesome. It was cold outside so we stayed in the warm lobby and watched HGTV (huge plus). I naturally started having contractions. Having a baby would certainly make the situation more fun! I was pacing around the waiting room, getting contractions every 8 minutes, and laughing as Garren and I discussed how awesome of a story this would make if we ended up needing to call an ambulance. A guy comes in from the garage and makes this face that makes me worried about what we are about to hear. Luckily some valve thing (very technical I know… Garren knows the actual details don’t worry) needed to be replaced and the Lexus dealership had the part in stock. While the bill was still more than we really wanted to spend on our date night it could have been so much worse. An hour and a half later we were driving home! My contractions stopped completely. Figures ;)

Gap Purchases

Gap Purchases

Grateful to be home!

Grateful to be home!

I am obsessed with this swim suit.

I am obsessed with this swim suit.


Mexican Fiesta!

Ok so earlier this week I was reading the dating diva’s blog (HERE) and saw a date one of the m did themed around a Mexican Fiesta, so¬† I decided to make int my own! Our friends DaNae and Dillon joined us! Here is what we did!

So I wanted it to be a surprise for Garren. He was seriously amazing last week taking care of me after surgery so I wanted to show him how much I love and appreciate him! I decided to make fish tacos, one of his favorites, Spanish rice, and re-fried beans. Well the fish calls for a beer batter, and when I went to buy the beer I couldn’t do it! I am such a baby. I was too scared so I had to ask Garren to get it, therefore ruining the “what we are eating surprise.” But that’s ok :)

Any way Garren went over to DaNae and Dillon’s and watched basket ball while her and I decorated, hung the pinata, and made dinner. Oh I also made virgin mango margaritas. DELICIOUS.

Just Before the Date Began!

DaNae and Dillon enjoying the margaritas and dinner!

And us doing the same!

After dinner it was pinata time!

Garren had fun!

And so do Dillon!

DaNae and I made princess hats :)

After dinner and the pinata was cleaned up we watched Puss in Boots. Totally has a Spanish flavor so it worked :)

Super cute and funny movie

All in all it was a very successful date night….. Now I have to go to work from Midnight till 6 am. Woohoooo.



Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was our very first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. It’s nice to know Valentine’s Day will never be lonely or miserable again! I made Garren breakfast (homemade chocolate pancakes, strawberry syrup and bacon) and The ABC’s of Our Love book. (As seen on pintrest :P) He loved it. He got me a new memory card for my camera and a yoga dvd I have been wanting! He had to go to school so I spent that time getting ready for our date. Then he took me to see The Vow.

Ok so the love story is beautiful and heart breaking. (SPOILER ALERT) I have this problem that while watching movies; they become my reality. I attempt to empathize and put myself into the situation, so basically I was a wreck during this movie. I do know that I would much rather be the one forgetting that to be the one forgotten. I get that either side had no control of their situation, but I just couldn’t handle it if Garren didn’t remember me, falling in love with me, or the life we have together. Nothing was more heart breaking then watching Leo sign those divorce papers. Ouch. The ending was only saved (in my opinion) by the fact that it was based loosely on a real story. She never regains her memory but they do fall in love with each other all over again and get married and have two children. It seemed the movie ended a bit abruptly though.

I love that they end up falling back in love and getting remarried. I don’t believe in soul mates, but I think that’s about as close as you can get :) Ok this wasn’t meant to turn into a movie review.

After the movie we went to The Little Brick House for dinner (YUM!) and then to the Globe Trotters! We had so much fun. I love being married to my best friend. We have so much fun together.

Here are some pictures for your view pleasure

During half time of the Globe Trotters "Game"


This is what Garren looks like when he sings. He will kill me for putting this up!

Its ok Babe! See I am weird too...

He loves me lots :)


Hot Date ;)

Well its Friday! I am free from work and its date night! To start our date we went on a walk on this trail near our home. I love just walking and getting to talk to Garren. Its nice to not have a television, laptop, or cellphone to distract us. We came home and made dinner, which consisted of Tuna Melts (made with non fat Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise) and sweet potato french fries. YUM! We are having a lot of fun turning all of our meals into healthy, delicious creations.

After dinner we watched a movie called, “Midnight in Paris”. It has Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. I had wanted to see this movie when I first saw a preview a few months ago and Garren sweetly agreed. It was amazing! I loved the story and the material was right up my alley. Paris is now on my travel dream list. The movie is about finding one’s self, appreciating the past, but ultimately discovering the beauty of the present. WATCH IT NOW :)

Tomorrow we are going to play racquet ball, shoot some hoops, go on a picnic, and I am going to work on his Valentines Day present! I love weekends with my Sugar Bear :)