New Callings

Last Sunday the Bishop pulled us into his office to talk to us about giving us callings. He is honestly one of the nicest guys I have ever met. He always asks how I am feeling and how baby red is doing. He started off by telling us he completely understands that Garren is currently in grad school and we are expecting our first baby here shortly. He told us he doesn’t want us to get overwhelmed but that he feels we would be wonderful in these new callings. He first called Garren as the assistant Ward Missionary. Let’s be honest he has basically taken on that calling the last two months by himself. Once a missionary, ALWAYS a missionary. I am excited for him. Our ward currently has 4 sets of elder missionaries, 1 set of sisters and a couple serving their mission! That’s SIX sets of missionaries JUST in our ward. This is such a beautiful blessing for our ward and the city of Manchester.

Then the Bishop told me to feel free to say no, and that he understand becoming a new mom is hard work… I basically stopped him right there and told him I was so bored and desperately needed something to do. So I was extended the call of Activities Day Leader (Once known as Achievement Days). I am so excited! I will be working with the 8-11 year old girls in our ward and doing activities with them to prepare them for Young Women’s twice a month. It gives me something to look forward too each month with out completely overwhelming me. Plus it’s something I can bring Baby Red to once she makes her entrance into the world. I have my very first activity with them tomorrow so wish me luck! (The former leader has planned the activity so I am just getting a feel for it.)

If any one has ideas for upcoming activities for me to plan please don’t be shy! All help would be greatly appreciated!

I love our new ward so much. They are so warm and inviting. Since day one they have made this place feel like home for us. We have made some wonderful new friends and never felt out of place here. I am so grateful to have the gospel in our lives. Without it life would be so different and so very hard. I get giddy imagining taking our baby girl to church with us, having Garren bless her and give her a name. I am getting all sappy and emotional but really I just love my life. I am so blessed.

Ready for Church!

Ready for Church!



Marriage Makes Your Hair Turn Gray

Story time! So the morning of our wedding day was super chill. We weren’t getting married till 1:45 pm so we had time to waste. I cuddled up to Garren and watched the Green Hornet for a bit, ran around and giggled with my two best friends, and slowly got ready. Well, as I was brushing my hair and looking in the mirror my heart dropped. Was that a gray hair?!? Yep sure enough I found my very FIRST gray hair on my wedding day. Don’t worry I didn’t wig out to much. I basically just laughed it off.

Yesterday I had a crazy bad migraine, feeling nauseous and all. I was also pretty lonely with it being my day off and Garren not home at all. So I went to bed at 8:30 to try and get rid of my headache. When Garren got home at 9:30 he cuddled in bed with me and started reading the scriptures: that’s when I saw it. A massive gray hair in his dark head of hair. I immediately jumped out of bed and ran for my tweezers; headache forgotten.

The Gray Hair!


Pretty Long!


So basically we are old and gray now :P

One of my favorite things to do with Garren is go to church. I have NEVER had some one to always go to church with. More times then not, I had to go alone. Now he is always by my side with his arm around me. I use to dream of having my family sit next to me on that pew, and now I do have my own family. I day dream of the day when our kids will be sitting there with us :)

Ready for Church :) My hair is getting so long!

I love our life :)


My Unfortunately Dramatic Morning

This morning was the worst. Seriously. I woke up feeling crazy nauseous, which shouldn’t be new. I have been feeling nauseous on and off for months, but it was really bad this morning. (Considering I am still getting over the flu) Any way I dry heaved for about half an hour, which in my opinion is worse than puking. You at least get some sort of relief from throwing up. Then after I showered I went to blow dry my hair, low and behold it trips the breaker and the power goes off. This ONLY happens when I blow dry my hair. I have an ECO friendly hairdryer for crying out loud. So I then proceeded to do what any self respecting 23 year old woman would do in my circumstance. I laid on the bed and cried like a baby, saying such things as “The whole world is against me,” “I will never get to go to church again,” and “I am probably going to go to Hell.” Like I said, dramatic. Any way my amazing husband came to my rescue and not only consoled me, but then proceeded to blow dry my hair for me. How sweet is that? We eventually made it to church. and while I still feel crazy nauseous I don’t feel as doom and gloom.


On a happier side not. Last night Garren and I laid in bed for 2 hours talking about New York, London, and Ghana. I love being married to my best friend.