Basically a Bunch of Nonsense

So last Saturday we bought a Novaform Foam Mattress pad. Let me tell you it’s amazing! You lay down on the bed and it just envelopes you. Its heaven. My hip, which is usually in agony when I wake up, is barely even sore. I also fall asleep a lot faster than I normally do. So if you are in need of a better nights sleep this is definitely an investment worth making.

So my FC Lauren Smith is getting married next month!! Last year at Garren’s and my wedding reception I threw the boquet and it landed on the roof of the pavillion. Lauren, (who is 6’3) with the help of her father, ( who is 7’0) retrieved it from its mistaken location. I was told that her heroine rescue did not count and I had to throw it again. She didn’t catch it this time. Turns out the universe enjoyed her effort and it’s been rewarded. I am so excited for her!
The Black Mamba’s had another game Monday night. The team they played was, let’s say older. A few of them were psych proffesors, including Garren’s abnormal psychology teacher. It was very entertaining to watch as usual. They beat them by 11 points. It was definitely Garren’s best game. He made a couple three pointers, as well as a few lay-ups. Super proud. He, with out fail points to me at his first points of the game. Romantic? I think yes.
I meet with the surgeon next Thursday about my gall bladder so hopefully my misery will be ended soon! (Ok its not that mad, its just crazy annoying to always feel sick.) I am on Day 4 with out soda. I’d like to say its the easiest thing I have ever done and I don’t miss it….. but I try to make it a habit of not lying. Even to myself.
Question for all of you recovered soda drinkers: how long did it take for you to stop craving it? Also did you get withdrawal headaches. I definitely do. I think I need rehab.
I really wish this post was more interesting… but its not. I am still going to post it because one day I might wonder what we were up to on the second week in February. Ya know? Oh that reminds me we have been married for 9 months! 3 months till the year mark?! What the heck. Time sure flies once your married to you best friend.
This is the kind of puppy Garren is going to get me when he graduates from University next May. She is a French Bulldog. Presh.

Black Mamba Game 2

Alright so the boys did AWESOME tonight. They played so much better and were ahead the majority of the time…. then 28 seconds before the end of the game the other team hit a three putting them a head by one. Then we lost the ball and there was ten seconds on the clock. We foul them 3 or 4 times and finally get the ball back. The clock has ONE second on it. The throw the ball down the court, New Guy shoot for a far out 3 AND HE ……… misses. But still a great game! ha haThe highlight of the game was when Garren scored and then pointed at me. My High School dreams realized yet again :) Its even better when its your husband :) (I still get butterflies calling him that)

I basically feel like crap. Turns out my gallbladder doesn’t function so thats whats causing all my nausea and pain. I go back to the Dr. tomorrow. Blech. 4 months of being nauseous. I am reaching my limit.

I love Garren Mitchell Allred, and can’t wait for this weekend.



Black Mambas

I am so mad I didn’t bring my camera to Garren’s intramural Basketball game tonight.Not to worry, I wont make that mistake again. I will for sure post pictures next time. Any way the second I got off work Jerry and I headed over to the school to to watch Garren’s game. Today was their very first one. Their team name is the Black Mambas, naturally. Every single guy on that team I went to high school with. Ha ha

Carlee and I have our little wives club to cheer on our men. Its super fun! I love watching them play. Garren is crazy cute :) The game was close, but our boys pulled out a win. :) Is it weird that every time some one gets a little to aggressive or Garren ends up hurt/on the floor I get a weird Mama Bear syndrome? Like I will drop you if you hurt my man. Ha ha Normal? I dunno.

Mama Bear Syndrome

This weekend is going to be the BOMB! First, Friday night we are driving up to Provo, and staying with Kali and Shelby. Saturday we get to go through the temple with Kendra and Brianna for the first time! I cant thing of a single thing I would rather do Saturday. The fun will continue with the LAKERS vs Jazz game! BAH! I am so excited. We have HORRIBLE seats, but I don’t care. I am going to a Lakers game with my wonderful Husband. Can’t wait for the weekend!

P.S. I get my HIDAscan tomorrow. Freaking out!