Iris Lynn: A Birth Story

It’s been forever since I blogged but I know I want to write this down! Iris was due on January 10, 2019. I was scheduled for a repeat c section on January 8th. Thankfully I didn’t make it to that day!

It started the evening of December 27th. Just like every other night for the last few weeks I started getting contractions 5 minutes apart. Usually they stopped after a few hours but these went straight through the night into the next day. Finally around 9:00pm on the 28th they were 2-3 minutes apart and stronger. I decided I didn’t want to have to call my neighbor at 3 am to come watch the girls so I called her then. Thankfully she is the best and came over right away. We headed into Boise. The entire time I was pretty mad just knowing they were going to send me home and this was all for nothing.

We got into triage and they hooked me up. There was a bit of a scare when it took several minutest to find her heartbeat. I had just felt her move in the car so I wasn’t too worried, but still it was nerve wracking. The contractions were 2 minutes apart on the monitor and thankfully the nurse was so nice. I found out the doctor on call was one I hadn’t met before and that made me nervous. The nurse checked me and said I wasn’t dilated at all. I felt defeated. 24 hours of consistent contractions for nothing. The doctor came and said she thought the contractions were from dehydration and hooked me up to iv fluids. (I drink over 100 oz of water a day but the last 2 months of pregnancy I was throwing up a lot from the pain I was in).

After three bags of fluid my contractions were still going strong so they checked me again and this time I was actually dilated so the doctor came in and said it was baby time! I was instantly so excited and terrified. I thought about the girls at home asleep and how they had no idea what was happening.


Things happened pretty quickly after that. The anesthesiologist came in and explained all about the spinal block and what would happen. I was so afraid of the spinal block but he put me at ease. They rolled me back into the  operating room while Garren waited outside. They administered the spinal block, which was completely painless, and waited for it to take effect. I was panicking just a little bit and was convinced I could still feel everything but the anesthesiologist was able to explain to me what I was feeling (and what I wasn’t). Finally Garren came in and I instantly felt better.

They started the c section while Garren talked to me. He stood up to watch them take her out. They had to be fast because my placenta was in front and low so they ended up having to cut through it.  Which ironically was on of my fears and something I had asked my doctor about just two days before. They kept saying they had her and that she was out but I couldn’t hear her crying. I kept asking why she wasn’t crying and that’s when I found out she was breach. So all of her but her head was out at that point! Finally they had her out and she started crying. She was officially born at 3:24 am. The doctor held her over the sheet for me to see her. I instantly started crying. In that moment I thought she looked like Eleanor, though later I realized she really didn’t look like either girl… but also kind of looked like both of them? Yeah. I don’t know.

They cleaned her off and weighed her (7lbs .07 ounces exactly .02 ounces bigger than Blair making her my “biggest” baby) and then brought her over to me to lay her on my chest. It was more like her laying on my neck but thats fine.


I was so glad to just be holding my baby girl. After they were done closing me up they took me to a recovery room to monitor me for an hour before taking us to postpartum.


Despite this birth being a c section, and earlier than anticipated, this was by far my most peaceful and calm birthing experience. It was very healing for me, since Eleanor’s birth left me a little traumatized. I am so grateful she is here and is healthy and strong. I am so grateful for the friends and family who came to our aid so quickly to help out. We are so very blessed.

The best part was getting to call every one and say SURPRISE had a baby last night! The girls came later that day to meet her and they were instantly in love. Eleanor walked in and said, “Where’s the baby? I want to touch her!” then looked at the nurse and asked, “Does she have a mermaid tail?” Blair just kept exclaiming how cute she was and how she couldn’t believe we have a baby in the family now.

Iris Lynn you are so very loved.

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