May Love be the Heart of this Home

This week’s update is late but only because we MOVED into our own HOME! This is huge and such an amazing blessing for us. I have moved so many times in my life and have never lived in a house or apartment for longer than 2 years. I use to daydream as a child about buying a house and having one of those walls where you mark how tall your children have grown over the years. Basically I use to dream of stability. While we have moved a lot in the 6 years of our marriage (9 times to be exact) this house isn’t what brought us stability. Our marriage, our relationship with Christ and our beautiful children are the stability I craved growing up. Now we just have our own home to house it in. I love knowing we have set down roots and I am so excited to watch my children grow up here! Ok onto the updates.

Garren: is tired. He is a rock star and has worked so hard to get us moved into this house without taking any time off work. One of my favorite things about Garren (and maybe it sometimes drives me nuts ;) )is how optimistic he is. It doesn’t matter how tired or worn out he is, or even how hard of a day he had at work he always has something positive to share. I know he is so tired but hasn’t complained once this week and every day when he comes home he asks, “Ok what do you want me to accomplish tonight?”

Larissa: I haven’t been able to stop smiling this week. Every day I wake up and think, “I can’t believe we are living in our own house!” I hate packing but I LOVE unpacking, organizing and decorating so I have been having fun this week. It’s a slow process because I really want to take the time to make our home the way we want it. I am really nervous for church on Sunday. The ward we were in has been my favorite ward I have ever lived in. I loved the people and my calling so much, I just want make this place just as wonderful. I do believe you get out of a ward what you put in (like anything in life) but I am still praying hard to find that same family feeling we had with the last ward. Luckily we are only about ten minutes away so my friendships are still intact. Just another opportunity to expand our friendships here in Nampa.

Blair: Loves her new playroom and LOVES sharing a room with her sister. We decided to have them share because I think it’s good for kids to share a space. They both love it, and we have enjoyed waking up to the sounds of them talking and giggling together. Their first night in the same room Eleanor began to cry so Blair got out of bed and rubbed Nelly’s back and sang “I am a Child of God” to her. Nelly calmed right down and went to sleep. I watched the whole thing on the baby monitored and cried like the sappy mom I am. Motherhood is amazing. Blair has had a bit of a hard time with the move. Her two best friends were within walking distance of our old house so it has been an adjustment. Lately she is really into “pinky promises” except she uses her pointer finger. Her most used phrase this week’s is, “I have an idea…” followed by a game, activity, or treat she thinks we should do/make.  Earlier this week she told me she missed living in Idaho (the old house) so I have been trying to explain that we still live in Idaho. Who knew the concept of states, cities and addresses could be so difficult to explain? I am thinking about putting her in swim lessons soon but I wonder how she will do. She is very cautious and doesn’t do anything until she is ready to do it. I asked her if she wanted to learn how to swim and she responded, “Yes. Can I learn how to ride a bike and turn on a TV too?”

Eleanor: She isn’t walking yet so I can still convince myself she is a baby. I know the toddler stage is just moments away so I am savoring this time. She has done fine with the move but she is getting four molars so that has been rough. Her mama obsession grows when she is in pain. Basically she spends the day following me around yelling, “Ma! Mama! Ma!” I have a love/hate relationship with being her favorite person. Mostly I love it. She will come over to me and rest her head on my shoulder and pat my back. It’s the sweetest thing. Our new next door neighbor has puppies and Eleanor LOVES them. She shrieks with joy anytime she sees them. I am a little nervous about the temper tantrums she is already throwing. Blair was never a tantrum throwing toddler so I think I may be in for it with this feisty little girl.


Moving Day!


Our new HOUSE!



One of my favorite parts of the house is all the counter space in the kitchen. 


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