Baby’s First Email

When I was pregnant I was constantly on pinterest looking at the cute little crafts, reading ways to promote natural labor and decrease pain, and of course, reading as many parenting articles as I could get my hands on. I came across an idea to set up an email address for your baby when they are born. Throughout their life, on special occasions or memorable moments you write them a little email, attach a few pictures, and then at the age of 18 (or whatever age you see fit) you give them the email address and password.

The moment I read this I knew I would be doing it for each of my children. What a special (and relatively easy!) gift to give your child! I started out with telling Blair how excited we were when we found out we were pregnant. I have sent subsequent emails about her birth, her first holiday, her blessing and so forth. I imagine as the years go on there will be less emails sent each year, but I love how quick and easy it is. I imagine her saying something super funny or cute in the future and just  sending a little email off to her about the experience. I would have loved reading such things about myself! I also think I am going to have family write her an email on her first birthday, her eighth birthday (when she is baptized) her 12th, and then her 18th before I give her the password.

I am careful to limit myself because I want it to be special. Not something she opens up and is overwhelmed to find 150 lengthy emails. They are usually short, sweet and to the point. I always attach pictures as well because I am sure one day she will want copies of some of them.


I love finding ways to connect with my daughter. What are your favorite traditions you have started since becoming a parent?


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