First Food

So we have already established that Blair hates the binky and the bottle. I was planning on waiting til 6 months to start Blair on solids but decided to give it a go (in hopes of her sleeping longer than 2-3 hour stretches at night) at 5.5 months. She is not a fan! We have tried oatmeal and bananas so far. With oatmeal she gagged every single time we tried to put it in her mouth and would eventually throw up. With the bananas she would gag the first few bites, and then just look like we were giving her the world’s grossest food and turn her head any which way to get away from it. We are now to the point where she will not let us put it in her mouth. It doesn’t matter how hungry she is. She will wait to nurse. Stubborn little soul!

I guess she just isn’t ready yet! We will keep trying but we wont push it. We want to do things when she is ready! Clearly we are meant to learn a little lesson on patience.

Here is a video of her first feeding for your enjoyment!

First Try

2nd Take


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