Utah Vacation

I debated doing this post because I have a feeling it’s going to be HUGE, and I already have an album on Facebook documenting the experience, BUT I decided this blog is my journal and there is so much more to say about it!

If you know me personally you know I am not an airplane lover. I hate flying. It always scares me, but thankfully my love for travel always trumps my fear of flying. Well add a 5 month old baby into the mix and I was down right terrified. Every thing I read said “MAKE SURE TO BRING LOTS OF BINKIES AND EXTRA BOTTLES”. Good thing my baby doesn’t take either? Both flights (the second flight I was alone with Blair!) ended up going wonderfully. I am writing a “Surviving an airplane with a non binky/bottle baby” post that I will share sometime next week so I will give more details then! 10453468_10152170074127477_413190962093406822_n10437497_10152181650837477_1577528278068685624_n

The worst part of the entire trip was actually the drive from Las Vegas to Cedar. There was some ridiculous road work going and and we went 6 miles in a little under an hour and a half. Yes you read that right. It was crazy. Blair rarely cries so that fact that she had crocodile tears streaming down her face for the majority of that time was killing me. I have never felt that kind of desperation before. In the airport I actually “surprised” Jerry because I let Blair wear a batman (complete with cape) onesie. Needless to say he was stoked. It was so nice being greeted by him, Ashlee, my sister and her kids at the airport. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since we have seen all of them.


The next day was Blair’s blessing.

The first week was a whirlwind of seeing all of our family members before Garren had to leave. Blair go to meet all of her aunts and uncles, some of her great grandparents, all of her grandparents, and even her great great uncle who is one of her namesakes!


She was mezmorized by the fire


Great, Great Uncle Ron Monroe and Great Grammy Gail


Great Grandma and Grandpa Allred

On the 4th of July Blair went to her first parade. She was more or less unimpressed but that’s ok. Hopefully next year it’s more exciting for her. She was in bed well before fireworks so I guess we are saving that for next year as well! Ever since Blair was born I have missed our families so much. This trip just solidified how much I look forward to living closer to them. We are so blessed with the families we have.


Kisses! Ok maybe she was just really hungry but I love it


I love being apart of this crazy family

10517494_10152181676252477_5107275795138648986_n 10314508_10152181673732477_1939070768632591758_n

Even though my kids won’t have cousins their age, they will definitely be loved by their older ones! All of them were just constantly playing with her and making her laugh. I can’t even tell you what a wonderful sight it was to see. And yes we played matchy dress up a lot ;)


Macie and Blair


S and Blair

We took family pictures on Saturday the 5th and I am dying to see how they turned out! Hopefully we get them back soon. I will definitely post them when I do! Garren ended up having to go back to NH for school but Blair and I stayed until that next Saturday. Blair had fun doing things like dishes, cooking, play dates with friends from NH and having her first bonfire!


My favorite place to nurse and hang out with Blair quickly became the deck. We were taking in the view one night when she whipped around and looked up at me, moments like this make me exceedingly grateful to be a mother.


Nana makes every day activities so fun and exciting! Blair’s eyes were glued to whatever she was doing.


How fun (and random) is it that our friends from NH moved to Cedar?!


She finally decided she likes swinging


I love her posture here


I love their facial expressions


Already missing this spot. Our balcony is a lot less peaceful and filled with a lot of cigarette smoke from our neighbors down below :(

Blair and I were super excited to see daddy again but we are counting down the months until we move back out west! (10!). There are still some family members B hasn’t met but we will be meeting some of them in November when we travel to Texas for Thanksgiving! (Be still my heart, Blair will be flying with me to Utah in September for BFF’s wedding, all three of us to Texas in Utah and then home in May. My little traveler )




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