Blair Monroe- 5 months old


I don’t know any of her stats this month so I will just have to record them for the six month post! Also we were in Utah so I didn’t have the normal things I take her picture with and for some reason the quality isn’t great.

Dr. Appointment: No doctor this month! Those are my favorite kind of months

Nicknames: Garren calls her B Money a lot which I have banned because there was this “rapper” in provo that went by that name and well just no. I call her “Munch” the majority of the time but she still clings to the nicknames: Squish, squishy, B, and baby girl.

Clothing: Remember how we cloth diaper? Well we just washed them all and have put her in disposable diapers and her 3-6 month clothing is HUGE on her. I currently have her in a 0-3 month outfit that fits great, although a little short in the pants. Seriously how small is my little girl? I keep trying to fatten her up, but she is crazy so she works it off pretty easily. I am still only bringing 3-6 month clothing to Utah tomorrow because that’s her summer wardrobe. Edit: Now that we are in Utah the clothes are working fine. Yes they are a little bit big but thats ok :)

Diapers: Since we are using disposable for the trip, I have become even more of a fan of cloth. I just have this weird distrust of disposable now. They seem so flimsy! She NEVER has blowouts with cloth so we will see how disposable go! We can now wash every third day so that’s awesome. I am still shocked out little “work” cloth is. Edit: We have already had more blowouts in the last week than we have the entire first 4 months of her life with cloth diapers. I am officially a cloth diaper mama. Now and forever.

Eating: Oh man. Blair is ALL over the place with this one. Sometimes she will go 4 hours between feeds and other times it’s been 1.5 hours and she thinks she is starving. She rarely eats longer than 5 minutes before she is looking around and wanting to play again. I wish she was a bit bigger because I get nervous about her size and efficiency while eating. She has sucked on a watermelon and I made her breast milk Popsicles that she was a huge fan of. I am super nervous and excited to try food next month.

Sleeping: Still going through the sleep regression. She wakes up about every 2 hours but we have had some really good nights of her going 3-4 hours at a time and even had a 7.5 hour stretch the night I was sick. I swear she just knew her mama needed some extra sleep and being the sweet baby she is she obliged. Her naps have gotten much better. She has started taking 1-1.5 hour naps ever 2 or so hours! She still takes one cat nap of 30 minutes a day but she is slowly becoming a better napper. The saving grace is how easy she is to actually get to sleep. Oh we bought a zippy to help transition from the swaddle and it’s a life saver. Can’t say enough positive things about this thing!

Social: This month was her social debut. She met all of her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and a ton of our friends. I was so nervous she would get over whelmed but looking back I have no idea why I was scared. The girl loves chaos! Her cousins loved her and were constantly playing with her. Garren’s brother Kyle made her laugh harder than she has ever laughed before. It was so fun to see her interact with people. She is so perceptive. You can just watch her taking it all in. She will just stare at a new person, almost like she is taking them in and learning who they are. I love seeing the world through her eyes. It’s by far the best part of being a mother.

Likes: the zippy, Sophie the giraffe (actually she LOVES Sophie), her cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, when you sing the abc’s, nursing, water: watching it, bathing, playing, swimming you name it she loves it, nursing, the ergo, her stroller, being outside

Dislikes: When daddy is gone, not being able to play and roll around, binkies, bottles, the car seat and being overly tired.

New this Month: I don’t even know where to start. She rolls from stomach to back and back to stomach like she has been doing it her whole life, she gets her knees up under her and desperately tries to crawl, she lifts her chest up off the floor for a few seconds with her arms, she can sit unassisted for a few seconds or hold her self up with her arms for a few seconds, she has been talking even more and is using a lot more consonant sounds, she full out laughs now and has become tickleish, she has always liked her Sophie the giraffe but now she LOVES it. As in if she is upset and we give it to her she is happy and usually falls asleep. It’s amazing. She went swimming at a lake and a pool for the first time this month and loved it. She was blessed for our church! (a post coming about that tomorrow) OH and she swung on a swing for the first time

Fun Things We Did:

  • Swimming for the first time with Lucy
  • Trip to Utah to meet family
  • Swimming in a lake
  • First Airplane trip
  • Was blessed and given a name

I am going to skip the Mommy and Daddy sections because I have more posts coming up that will have those updates.

Looking Forward to:

  • Summer fun! Lots of swimming, swinging, play dates and walks
  • we are going to go Blueberry picking next month
  • Trying food for the first time
  • a trip to the beach
  • a trip into Boston!

Random Pictures:

20140709_225048 20140703_212959 20140629_012240 20140618_235918 20140706_034447 20140702_232344 20140705_015406 20140703_084353 20140621_053958 20140617_004527 20140617_065747 20140706_040339


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