Memorial Weekend

I love when Garren is home! He had a 4 day weekend and we made sure to make the most of it! Saturday we were going to go to a Mormon Helping Hands event but it was cancelled due to poor weather. So we decided to walk to the park! Blair went on the swings and down the slide for the first time. She really didn’t care but we had so much fun. The girl loves to be outside so it went over well with all of us. Later that day we went to PetCo to show Blair the little pets they have there. She was super interested in the birds.


My Happy Girl!

IMG_2425 IMG_2416 IMG_2414 IMG_2411 IMG_2403Today we decided to go up to the Joseph Smith Birthplace. Our friends Cody, Kylee and Baby Lucy caravan-ed up with us. We ate delicious pizza and then went on a little tour of the grounds at his birthplace. Naturally my little chatter box of a daughter talked (very loudly) through the entire tour and was quite the distraction for most of the people there. I love how much she talks. She basically hates the car seat and cried the majority of the way home. I really wish this girl would take a nap for longer than half an hour. Any wise moms out there with the secret to nap success? Do share!


Don’t be fooled. They aren’t asleep… Just being blinded by the sun!


Girls in Shades

IMG_2489 IMG_2486 IMG_2482 IMG_2480 IMG_2476



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