3 Years Strong!

I am so behind on this blogging business.

Garren and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary this month! The last year has been one giant adventure! Garren got into Physical Therapy school, we found out we were pregnant, we moved to New Hampshire, and finally had our baby girl! I could not be married to a better man. Garren is so supportive and always willing to help me with whatever I need. He is such a hard worker! Watching him excel in PT school has been so amazing. I love seeing him excited about his future career and putting his all into his education. Most of all I have loved watching Garren be a father to our daughter. Having Blair has made me fall in love with Garren all over again. He is a wrapped tightly around that little girls finger. He changes just as many (if not more) diapers as me, and is better at getting her to go to sleep than I am!

We were going to leave Blair with our friends so we could go out to eat alone, but the little turkey REFUSES to take a bottle. She acts like your trying to kill her if you give her one. So we took her with us. She was a complete angel the entire time and, honestly, if we had left her I would have been thinking about her the whole time so it was the best option.

anniversary 3 anniversary2 anniversary1

She napped the majority of the time, and then woke up happy as can be!

She napped the majority of the time, and then woke up happy as can be!

Since our first anniversary we have been getting each other the “traditional” gifts. This year was leather! Garren got me this gorgeous bracelet and I got him this watch.

anniversary4 (1)

Over all it was a wonderful day. I am so grateful to be married to my best friend.




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