Easter Sunday

Easter is the holiday of hope. Spring has begun, pulling you out of the dreariness that comes with the end of winter. Flowers began to bloom and the world becomes green once again. Best of all, we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. The greatest thing I will ever learn in this life is something I have come to know fiercely, and hope to continue to learn through out my life. Jesus Christ died so I can live again. He has experienced every trial, tear, and broken heart right along side of me. He has celebrated in my triumphs and has wept when I have strayed. Becoming a mother has opened my eyes to the love my Father in Heaven has for all His children and has given me a tiny glimpse into His anguish as he watched is only begotten son take upon all of our sins and be crucified.

Take the time to watch these three videos today! They are so beautiful!

He is Risen

Because of Him

Handel’s Messiah (Mormon Tabernacle Choir)

I loved celebrating Blair’s first Easter with her! I know she wont remember her first Easter basket but I will always cherish this time with my little family. Blair’s Easter activities included:


Playing with her friend Lucy at church


Getting her Easter Basket and playing with the Easter grass


Playing with (near) her new bunny


Super thrilled about dying eggs


We dyed Easter Eggs (and mommy made B pose with them)


and of course napping!

and of course napping!


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