Blair Monroe- 2 Months Old

Height: 22.25 inches 50%
Weight: 10 lbs 4.6 0z 32%
Head Circumference: 14.75 14%
Dr. Appointment: I was seriously dreading this doctor appointment because baby girl was getting her first vaccinations. I grew up in a non vacc family so I did a LOT of research on vaccinations before going through with it. While vaccinations do have a lot crap in them, the benefits out weigh the risks for me. Hearing her get them was the single saddest thing I have ever heard. I made Garren hold her down and then I picked her up to comfort here right after. She was basically hyperventilating when I picked her up. She calmed down after about 4-5 minutes, nursed when we got home and then went to sleep. She is awake now and happy as can be so we survived shots! We are watching her temperature to make sure she doesn’t get a high fever. The doctor looked at her swollen lymphnodes that I thought were huge and laughed at me and said they were tiny and normal. I am not looking forward to the next shot visit.

Waiting to get shots :(

Nicknames: Bubbles, Honey Bunch, Baby Girl, B, Cuddles, Cuddle Bug, Princess, Little Turkey, Fuzzy Head, Munchkin, Pumpkin
Clothing: At six weeks old she grew completely out of newborn clothing and has been wearing 0-3 ever since. They are still pretty baggy on her but are starting to look better! One of my favorite parts of the day is getting her dressed. She is so precious. I definitely need to get some more hair bands/accessories. I really hope her hair never falls out, I love her little fuzzy head so much.
Diapers: We have officially been cloth diapering for a little over three weeks now! I love it! It’s so much easier than I thought it would be. Since we don’t have a dryer we do have to do wash every night and hang the diapers to dry. It’s really not that big of a deal. Since Blair is exclusively breast feed, poop diapers are a breeze. Breast milk poop dissolves completely in water so you don’t even need to rinse them. I am not looking forward to when she eats solids and poop diapers become a little more of a hassle. The only gripe I have with cloth diapers is they are a little thicker than disposable so she will grow out of her clothes a little faster than normal. However, cloth diapers are about 20 times cuter than their disposable counter parts so no harm no foul.

This is my favorite diaper that she has!


Fluffy bum and post bath hair

Eating: Blair eats every 1.5-3 hours during the day. She does this little lip smacking thing when she is hungry. It’s one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Breastfeeding no longer hurts and I love how easy and convenient it has become! I am so glad I don’t have to get up and make a bottle every time she is hungry. This month I left her for a few hours at home with daddy so I could carry out my calling at church. She took the bottle like a champ so I am glad we are pass that hurdle! I only pump if I know I am going out and she will need a bottle though. No reason to fill up our freezer. Blair is a very efficient eater. Most feeds are about 12 minutes long. She is also a very noisy eater which may get awkward if I ever get brave enough to attempt public breastfeeding.

Sleeping: I am definitely one spoiled mama! Blair has determined 11:00 pm to be bed time (I do wish she went to bed earlier but that’s fine) and will sleep til around 4:30 am to have a diaper change and eat. She then goes straight back to sleep. Lately she has even been waiting until 5:30 am for this feeding. I can’t tell you how amazing 6 hours of sleep feels! She then will wake up for the day between 7:30-8:30. Unfortunately Blair is still sleeping in our bed. She sleeps tightly swaddled and propped up in the boppy pillow. I have tried several times to get her to sleep in her bassinet but she will literally wake up ever ten minutes. One night I tried for 2.5 hours, rocking the bassinet and giving her the pacifier every time she spit it out. Finally exhaustion won and I put her in our bed. I really don’t know what to do about this. Advise will be well received at this point! During the day she usually takes two 1.5 hour naps and two-three 15-40 minute naps. She is still pretty all over the place with this. I have been trying to put her in her crib awake for naps and it works about 35% of the time. Blair is not a morning person. Until she has her breakfast she basically wants nothing to do with my silly faces.
The last week has been completely different than this usual routine. I downloaded the wonder weeks app and she is currently in her second leap and let me tell you I am a believer! She is like a newborn again at night. She wakes up every two hours to eat and has been very fussy during the day. Hopefully it doesn’t last much longer.

Nap time in the crib


and some times (a lot of the time…) on mommy.

She loves when daddy is home and gets to nap with him!

She loves when daddy is home and gets to nap with him!

Social: Blair has been all smiles this month! I love seeing that cute smile and watching her interact with us. She is talking so much. She is very attentive and always makes eye contact. She loves being read to, and she will just stare at the pictures. Last week I put her on her play mat and turned on Baby Einstien, I could not believe how much she loved it. She sat and watched it while kicking her legs and talking to the television. I felt a little guilty putting my baby in front of the TV but I got to eat my breakfast and do the dishes! My favorite thing to do is to sit back with my legs up and let her sit on my stomach resting against my legs and just talk to her. She recently discovered her hands and has started sucking on them. It’s adorable. She is a very bubbly, happy girl as you can see in this video.
That face...

That face…


Likes: nursing, taking baths (she uses her tub now!), when we blow raspberries at her, being read to, Baby Einstein, her play mat, the ergo, sleeping in mommy and daddy’s bed, sitting up like a big girl, her changing table, the swing (finally!) play dates, and some times her pacifier
IMG_1305 IMG_1250
Dislikes: Tummy time, being taken out of her bath, mornings before breakfast, and being overly tired.
Fun things we did:
  • We have had a couple play dates with my friend Kylee and her baby girl Lucy. They are a month apart and so cute. These play dates are obviously more for Kylee and Me but I am sure Blair will like them one day.
  • We also went to the Polls for some Cafe Rio and so Blair, Malan, and Lucy could have their picture taken together. So cute!
  • We took Blair to church for the first time. She is so good during Sacrament meeting. We haven’s stayed for the entire service yet. We are working our way up.
  • We did take Blair to the park for the first time but it was covered in ice and she slept the whole time any way.
 Mama: I just wrote about this here.
Daddy: Garren is doing really well in school. He is currently doing a clinical on Monday’s and is loving getting to put his new knowledge to practice. Since Blair is more attentive and starting to play he is enjoying his time with her more. She no longer just eats, sleeps and poops so daddy time has become more fun. Garren was recently called to be the Ward Clerk at church so his life has become even more hectic. He is wonderful though and makes sure to dedicate most of Saturday to us.
Random: Recently Blair developed cradle cap. It’s seriously gross. My sister dealt with this with Lucas so she told me to cover her head in mayonnaise. So we did! Gross I know, but it really does help a ton!
IMG_1316 IMG_1315
Take two with the mayo, her face makes me laugh so hard

Take two with the mayo, her face makes me laugh so hard

What we’re looking forward to: I know she is still really young, but I am so excited for her first Easter! We are having family pictures taken the day before and already have most of her Easter basket things ready to go. Obviously this is more for us than for her, but I bet she will like to look at the pictures one day!

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