The Day I Received My Mom Badge

So far my days as a mom have been relatively easy. As easy as being a mother to an infant can be. Well Monday Blair and the universe decided to give me a run for my money.


Monday’s are Garren’s longest days. He has class all morning and does a clinical all afternoon. At lunch I decided to eat the rest of our frozen shrimp we had a week before. I had gotten sick the last time I ate it but was unaware that the shrimp was what made me sick. Garren had also eaten it and was fine. I forget his stomach is a tank. Any way, about 3 hours after eating said shrimp I started feeling really sick, and then throwing up. Blair then decided she needed to eat. Right then. So I am sitting there nursing my baby while throwing up in a bowl. I still had a good 4 hours before Garren was going to get home and I remember thinking my day could not get worse.

BUT WAIT! It can.

After she was done eating I set her on her play mat and went to the bathroom. I came out a few minutes later and Blair had spit up every where. Her hair was caked in spit up. Awesome. So I did what any good mother would do and I gave her a bath. The second she got in the water she POOPED. Really? At this point I knew I had 2 choices. I could cry and throw in the towel or just laugh and start again. So I did. I gave her a bath and put her in the swing. She was tired but fighting sleep so I layed down on the ground in the fetal position giving her the pacifier every 5 minutes.


Luckily Garren did get home and took over so I could wallow in my own misery. Basically having a baby takes sick days up to a whole different level!

But look at this face, it’s definitely worth it!

That face...


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