Our Top 6 Baby Purchases

When you are expecting a baby you buy and receive a lot of stuff. Clothes, toys, furniture, diapers, the latest break through in baby soothing, you name it they got it! As new parents we obviously didn’t know what we would end up using and relied a lot on friends, family and the internet to tell us what we need. Now that we are six weeks into this parenting thing we are experts! (Please note the intense amount of sarcasm in that sentence. Maybe in 18 years we can claim the title of competent!)  We have discovered some neat tricks that work with Blair. So these are our top 6, would rather not live with out, baby products.

Number 6

The Changing Table– This one is an interesting one. Most people told us not to bother with this, and that we would never use it. I personally wanted one because when I was a nanny I used ours ALL of the time. We have actually had this changing table for nearly two years because I fount it at DI for 15 bucks and it matched the crib I knew I wanted one day. I refinished it and I am so glad we have it! We change her diaper on it every time and she loves it. I think she likes being up closer to our faces. She is a major wiggle worm so it’s easier to keep her contained on the table rather than trying to change her on the floor or the bed.


Number 5

Boppy– Now I am not sure if any one has ever told you, but breast feeding is HARD. It’s a really steep learning curve and the boppy is so helpful. It’s kind of like having three arms. It holds her right up next me. Turns out Blair also loves sitting in it and she will sleep HOURS longer if she is propped up in it rather than laying flat on her back. Now I know pediatricians every where say babies should lay flat on their backs on a firm surface. I assure she is very safe and well looked after.


Note: It’s extremely important to have two covers….. We learned that the hard way.


Number 4

Snuza– Also known as peace of mind. New mothers are worriers. We worry about our baby’s health and safety 24/7. The first week of Blair’s life I didn’t get any sleep. Not because she didn’t sleep, but because I was waking up every 10 minutes to make sure she was still breathing. It was exhausting. So Garren did some research and found the snuza. It had great reviews so he bought it. (Garren, who is the exact opposite of a worrier, was also waking up to check on her frequently. He is the cutest dad.) It’s a little device that you clip to their diaper and a sensor sits on her stomach. It detects movement (breathing). An alarm will go off if no movement occurs within 18 seconds, or if the movement is really weak for a couple of minutes. I love this thing. I feel so much more at ease and don’t have to constantly poke her, put my hand on her chest, or hold my finger under her nose to make sure she is breathing.


Number 3

Play mat– I really wanted on of these before Blair was born because I remembered how much my nephew loved it. For some reason the only ones I could find were between 50-70 dollars. On a grad school budget, I just wasn’t willing to pay that much. Finally I found one at TJ Maxx for 19 bucks. I am so glad I found it. The first two weeks of her life she really could not have cared less about it, but now she loves that thing. She will lay there for half an hour just swatting at and talking to the hanging toys. For a mom who needs to be able to eat, go to the bathroom, or do some house work, those thirty minutes are GOLDEN. I love hearing her lay there and talk to herself while she plays. Music to my ears.



Number 2

Miracle Blanket– Yes this blanket is a little more expensive than most people would want to spend on a blanket but let me tell you, it’s more than worth it. Blair loves being swaddled at night, but she can get out of the swaddle in every single blanket besides this one. It’s nearly impossible to get out of the miracle blanket if swaddled correctly. This thing is amazing. She now sleeps in 5 hour stretches in this baby! She also looks like a super cute little burrito while in it, so that’s a plus. A week after she was born she spit up all over her miracle blanket (more like projectile vomited) and we learned the hard way to have duplicates of those kind of things. We quickly rectified that issue and haven’t had a problem since.


Look how tiny she was! I can’t believe how much she has grown already!



I also can’t believe how much her hair has grown since this but that’s a topic for another day

And Finally the NUMBER 1 baby product we purchased:

Baby Ergo– Garren found a practically new Ergo Sport on craigslist for 50 bucks. That’s a screaming good deal, and since Blair had loved the moby wrap we jumped at this opportunity. I liked the moby wrap but I felt like over time the fabric got to loose, and it started hurting my back. Since Blair is still really small we got the infant insert for the Ergo with a gift card we had. This thing is like the baby whisperer. The moment you put her in this, not matter how upset she was before, she instantly calms down and will either happily look around or fall asleep. It’s very comfortable to use, never hurts your back, and we will be able to use it even when she is a toddler on our backs. If you are in the market for a baby carrier seriously consider the ergo!

ergo2 ergo1


And because I think my baby is the cutest baby in the world here she is in her cute little Sunday dress yesterday!

IMG_1028 IMG_1017


One thought on “Our Top 6 Baby Purchases

  1. It is so amazing to me that two of the things you chose are ways things that have been used anciently. our foremothers were pretty smart people. the miracle wrap is like a cradleboard from the native americans. African woman almost always carried their babies slung in an ergo around the front


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