Saturday is Family Day… and Sometimes Mechanic Day

Since Garren is very busy with PT school throughout the week he always makes sure to dedicate Saturday afternoons to Blair and me. Today started out like any Saturday but ended up a lot like this one. We had grand plans to go to TJ Maxx and then grocery shopping. (Yes sometimes this is what our fun day looks like, no judging!) Well on our way to TJ Maxx the check engine light came on and the car felt like it was going to die. We were literally in the same area of Manchester as last time. So we pulled into the same mechanic and got the EXACT same diagnosis except for the opposite side. So we needed another oil control valve. How exciting.

Luckily we had the ergo with us, so I put B in it and she went right to sleep. That thing is a miracle worker. After getting the diagnosis and time estimate I called one of our friends and she graciously agreed to pick Blair and I up and take us home. Really I think we are blessed that both times this happened we were so close to a very good mechanic. They were so nice and straight forward with us. While I was walking around Garren said he had deja vu and asked me how happy was I that this time I am not 9 months pregnant. Quite happy!

When Garren got home we gave Blair a bath (She loves her baths!) and read some stories to her. She is starting to really pay attention to us when we talk to her. Its adorable.

I have watched THIS video of her probably a hundred times. That smile melts my heart.

I know I post a lot of pictures of Blair but you should know that’s not going to stop anytime soon. She is too cute to not share! I can’t believe she is already six weeks old!

Enjoy more pictures of her:


Bath time, pre hair wash. HER HAIR YOU GUYS!!! I love it


Happy girl before we left for TJ Maxx (Aka the mechanic)

All Clean!

All Clean!





Tried out the bumbo for the first time. She loves sitting up, but her head control is not quite up to par for this yet! (Hence the pillows.)


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