1 Month Stats

We went to Blair’s one month appointment today! She is 5 weeks yesterday.

Height: 22.5 inches 77th Percentile

Weight: 9 lbs 22nd Percentile

Head Circumference: 14 inches 10th percentile

So she is still very tall and skinny but growing! I can’t believe she grew over 2 lbs in one month! Blair was so good at the doctor. She was smiling and cooing the whole time. Her hips, heart and lungs sound perfect. The doctor said her baby acne is normal (we knew that) and that baby girl is very healthy! We feel so blessed that she is doing so well. I swear we should have named her Elsa because there was another huge snow storm today. There has been 10 storms in her short 5 weeks of life with the biggest one being on the day she was born.


Already for the Doctor!


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