Blair Monroe- 1 Month Old

1monthI can’t believe my baby is a month old already! Cue the mama tears! This has been the fastest, hardest, best month of my whole life.

Blair’s Dr Appointment isn’t til later this month so I will update her weight, height ect when I know it!
Nicknames: Baby Girl, B, Cuddles, Cuddle Bug, Princess, Little Turkey
Clothing: She is still in newborn sized clothes but I think by the end of the week she will be wearing her 0-3 month sized clothing. I honestly can’t believe how tiny she is! The doctor’s had me prepared for a huge baby! We actually didn’t have almost any newborn sized clothing because every one told me they grow out of it in a matter of days. Luckily my mother in law took us shopping for itty bitty baby clothes. Not going to lie I am already sad she can’t wear these outfits longer! They are so precious. They make me want to have another girl next (YEARS down the road, Years people).
Diapers: We haven’t started cloth diapering yet mainly because I didn’t want to learn how to breastfeed and cloth diaper all at once. Now, however, we are waiting for her to chunk up just a little bit more until we use them. She would still fit into newborn sized disposables but we ran out so we are using size one. Once we run out of them we will start using her adorable cloth diapers.
Eating : We are finally getting this nursing thing down! I will be honest and say breastfeeding is way harder than I ever imagined it to be. I already love it though. I love how it instantly calms her, and I love seeing how content she is after eating. The first two weeks we used a nipple shield but we have successfully weaned off of that. She currently eats every 2.5-3 hours but last week at 3 weeks old she went through a growth spurt and cluster fed. She was eating any where from every 30 minutes to 2 hours. It was pretty exhausting but we made it through it! We have recently started introducing the bottle at one feeding every day so that Garren can feed her, and if I ever have to leave her she will be able to eat. So far she is not a fan. She actually did eat the last two nights from the bottle, but always ends up nursing at the end. (Although that may be for my benefit as well, for some reason I have a lot of anxiety watching someone else feed her. Weird right?)
Sleeping: Blair is starting to be more awake during the day. She is so alert! She definitely still sleeps throughout the majority of the day. At night she does pretty well. We usually go to bed around 11 and she will wake me up at 2:00 am and then between 5-6:00 am. (Not counting the cluster feeding days). Sometimes she goes right back to sleep, other times I am up with her for about an hour. She loves being swaddled in her miracle blanket and bounced on the yoga ball. She also loves being sung too. I am already afraid for the day when she realizes I can’t, in fact, sing well. I better enjoy it now.
Social: She definitely knows who her mama is! I love that she wants me when she is upset. It’s a crazy feeling being needed by your child. My heart is so full when I pick her up crying and she instantly calms the second she is on my chest. She loves looking at her daddy, and will make eye contact with both of us. She hasn’t socially smiled yet but we do get a lot of milk drunk or half asleep smiles that we love. She also laughs in her sleep and a LOVE it it’s the cutest thing in the whole world.
Random: We have a little tub that we can bath her in but we recently discovered it’s a lot easier for her to just come in the tub with me. She absolutely loves it. She cries when I hand her to Garren to dry her off and get dressed. I guess all those baths during my pregnancy rubbed off on her ;) She only baths about twice a week, unless she decides to pee while getting her diaper changed and it runs down her back into her hair…. But that’s a different story.
Likes: nursing, laying on your chest, baths with mommy, cuddling, skin to skin contact, singing, bouncing on the yoga ball, being swaddled, the Moby Wrap, her play mat
Dislikes: the bottle, being put down, the swing (hopefully this one changes), having her diaper changed before a feeding, tummy time
Fun things we did:
  • Blair has now been to the mall 3 different times, out to Dinner once, to target, Daddy’s school and to Bass Pro Shop. She has been so good every time we bring her out! We just pop her into the Moby wrap and she is good to go for a couple hourse.
  • She got to meet her Nana and Aunt Heather. Both are completely smitten by her.
  • Mostly we are just getting use to being a family of three. There have been a lot of outfit changes, a lot of tears (by baby and mommy), lots of cuddles and endless amounts of happiness!
 Mama: The first two weeks I definitely had the baby blues. I cried a lot and generally felt completely overwhelmed by both good and bad emotions. Being in charge of a tiny defenseless human being is scary. However, in all honesty, I am surprised how natural it has all come. I feel like we were well prepared (and emotionally ready) for this change in our lives and it hasn’t been a crazy hard adjustment. I haven’t been to the doctor yet for my postpartum check up but I am feeling really good. I am still having some issues with my right hip/sciatica but it’s not as bad. I am shocked at how hungry I get while nursing and I am trying to eat healthy. I drink well over 100oz of water a day.
Daddy: Garren is the best dad in the whole world (and husband for that matter) He is always willing to change diapers and walk around soothing our baby girl back to sleep. He is constantly asking me if I want to go take a nap or how he can help me. He went back to school Monday after having a week off for spring break and we already miss him. I know it’s really hard for him to leave her during the day so I try and tell him fun things when he gets home. (That will get easier when she starts doing more than eating, sleeping and pooping!)
What we’re looking forward to: I am excited for Blair’s Dr appointment in a couple weeks to see how much she has grown! I am also looking forward to using her cloth diapers. I think we might try bringing her to church this Sunday, depending on how the night before goes. I am a little nervous just because I know every one is going to want to see her and I don’t want her getting sick. I will probably just put her in the Moby wrap to keep her protected from illness.

Some Fist Pumping Action. She is excited to be a month old!


One thought on “Blair Monroe- 1 Month Old

  1. Thank you sweetie. I so love reading this. I miss you all so much. I look at her every day at home at work on my computer, and just talk to her and cuddle her. If you get lonely while Garren is gone call me. ok. Take lots of naps when she naps, best you can anyway. Love you all so much. Thank you again for sharing.


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