First Doctor Appointment

Blair had her first doctor appointment 8 days after she was born. Her first two nights at home were really rough. My milk hadn’t come in and baby girl wasn’t getting enough nutrients. If she was awake she was screaming bloody murder. It honestly sounded like she was in so much pain. A nurse ended up coming out to our house and we learned that she had lost too much weight. We ended up having to supplement with formula. We gave her three bottles before my milk finally came in. I was still pretty emotional at this point and was having a really hard time not blaming myself. Mom guilt is real, and a horrible horrible feeling. Since my milk came in Blair has been a completely different baby. She is so happy and content.

When she was born she weighed 7lbs .05oz, when we left the hospital she weighed 6lbs 12 oz (still within the normal weight loss amounts), 2 days later she weighed 6lbs 4oz, which was concerning since it’s more than 10% of her birth weight.

Her doctors appointment was 4 days later. When we put her on the scale I was holding my breath. in my heart I knew she had gained weight purely by the change in her behavior and demeanor but it was still such a relief to see she weighed 6lbs 12oz! She gained 8 oz in 4 days! Weird proud mom moment. ;) They checked her hips and vitals and everything checked out great!


Weight: 6lbs 12 oz 25%

Height: 21 inches 72%

Head Circumference: 13 inches 12% (Thank you baby girl for having a small head…..)

At the Doctors!

At the Doctors!

Her next Doctors appointment is in March when she is a little over a month old. I can’t believe my baby is already 2 weeks old!

Last night she slept in her bassinet for the first time. (During her two horrible nights sleeping with me was the only way to calm her down) She did great in the bassinet. I, on the other hand, cried for a good half an hour.

In her bassinet! (Also she is swaddled in a Miracle Blanket, they truly are miraculous....)

In her bassinet! (Also she is swaddled in a Miracle Blanket, they truly are miraculous….)


We love this little girl so much! We are getting pictures taken on Saturday! I am so excited!



One thought on “First Doctor Appointment

  1. The Miracle Blanket reminds me of the Indian Papoose cradle board. They knew what they were doing centuries ago!!!! and we just got back around to it!!!


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