Baby Red: 38 Weeks

Oomph, I swear every day that I wake up the bump has doubled in size.

Oomph, I swear every day that I wake up the bump has doubled in size.

Thoughts: I’m ready. I am ready to have this baby in my arms and ready to not be pregnant. I adore feeling her move and talking to her, and I know I will love cuddling and smelling her sweet skin even more. My sciatica has reached an all time high and I am very surprised I have not fallen. Getting in and out of bed is the most painful thing of my life. It’s weird though because each and every day I am so in awe of my body’s ability to grow this sweet girl. Sure it’s beaten me up quite a bit but SHE is perfect. She is completely healthy and when it comes down to it that’s all I care about. Every time I feel her squirming around or I pull out the doppler and listen to the rhythmic beat of her heart I feel so much love and gratitude.

Dr. Appointments/Baby: At my Dr appointment Thursday I found out my strep b test came back negative so that was great news. I was a little nervous about having to be hooked to an IV while laboring. Everything else was normal. Good blood pressure, no protein in my urine, perfect baby heart beat. At 38 weeks baby girl is estimated to weight 6 lbs 8 oz (although she is measuring a week behind) and is almost 20 inches long! She is basically just hanging out, putting on weight, and letting her brain and nervous system develop a little more.

Weight/Cravings/Aversions/Eating: I am a little embarrased to say that 1/3 of the entire about of weight I have put on this pregnancy has been during the last two weeks. I gained 2 more pounds, with a total weight gain of 18 pounds. I am actually having a hard time eating right now. I feel nauseous all the time. I have been craving pineapple lately though.

Movement: No decrease in movement here! My little wiggle worm likes to make her presence known. She is so strong and it always surprises me how uncomfortable some of her kicks can be. She hates when I wear my pregnancy support belt, so it makes me wonder if she will hate being swaddled once she is here. She just seems to dislike being confined. There is a lot of room out here baby girl! Come on out! ;)

Sleep/Workouts/I get about 2-3 hours of sleep at a time. I am starting to get some pretty gnarly looking bags under my eyes but I am sure they will be a constant accessory over the next couple of months ;) I basically live on my yoga ball! A miracle has happened since Sunday night (Garren tells me to not mention it because it might jinx it… haha) But my crazy sciatic nerve pain has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY. As in I can walk like a normal person and I am no longer reduced to sobbing at 2 in the morning from having to get out of bed again. <—- This lasted all of about 18 hours and by the time I got into bed last night I was limping like crazy. Boo. Oh well those 18 hours were glorious. I will take it!

Physical Therapy: Yesterday I had my first official physical therapy appointment and it will be my last. She really was no help at all. Garren has been a much bigger help than she was and he has been in school for 2 semesters. She asked very few questions, didn’t evaluate me at all, and then proceeded to show me how to get into bed… Basically that was it. I can last another two weeks with out going back. Garren was super frustrated after it. He is going to make an amazing physical therapist.

Signs of Labor: So for the past 5-6 nights I have been getting much stronger contractions for an hour at a time. What’s weird is they always come at 2.5 minutes apart. It seems weird to me that they come so close. They last about 50-60 seconds and once it’s been an hour, they spread out to like every 15 minutes. It’s weird. They are much more uncomfortable than my braxton hicks but only a few have made me completely bend over and need to concentrate. I hope they are at least doing something productive. My stomach always feels like I did a crazy ab work out in the morning. I can feel my body getting ready for labor. It’s unlike nothing I have felt before (which makes sense) My sister had both her kids during the 38th week and I was born during the 38th weeks as well. I am about 99% positive I wont be in their little club though. I think baby girl will come a lot closer to her due date. As much pain as I am in, and as much as I want to hold her in my arms, I am prepared to let her come when she is ready!

Garren: Garren just finished the last of his tests for the next couple weeks. I am praying baby girl is not late because he has finals February 17-21. He, of course, will be there for me and our little girl if she does come late but I would rather him not have that kind of stress put on him. Luckily my sister in law and mother in law will be here during that time to help me out! We are so blessed to have so many people who love us and supporting us.

I am seriously hoping I only have to do one more of these ;)

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