A Date Night Travesty

Date nights are super romantic when you are 9 months pregnant and waddling like an obese penguin. Yeah not so much! Today we decided to go walk around the mall and indulge in my current craving: Taco Bell. No judging people. We had a lot of fun and maybe hit up a clearance sale at Gap for Blair. I might like buying cute baby clothes, but Garren is by far the worst offender. He is wrapped so tightly around this little girl’s finger, I fear what it will be like once she is actually born. I can’t decide what I am more excited about, holding my daughter for the first time or seeing Garren hold her.

Back to our date night. As we were pulling into Taco Bell we hear this horrific clunkity-de-clunk sound coming from the engine and then the Engine light starts flashing like mad. Oh. Lovely. We parked and ate while Garren looked up auto repair shops on his phone. Most were, of course, closed because it was Saturday, but not 2 blocks up the road was Sullivans. (Blessing) After we ate our heart burn inducing lunch we prayed, held our breath and drove to Sullivans. Thankfully the car made it that far. In Utah to get your car’s issues diagnosed is completely free. Here it would be $100. Awesome. It was cold outside so we stayed in the warm lobby and watched HGTV (huge plus). I naturally started having contractions. Having a baby would certainly make the situation more fun! I was pacing around the waiting room, getting contractions every 8 minutes, and laughing as Garren and I discussed how awesome of a story this would make if we ended up needing to call an ambulance. A guy comes in from the garage and makes this face that makes me worried about what we are about to hear. Luckily some valve thing (very technical I know… Garren knows the actual details don’t worry) needed to be replaced and the Lexus dealership had the part in stock. While the bill was still more than we really wanted to spend on our date night it could have been so much worse. An hour and a half later we were driving home! My contractions stopped completely. Figures ;)

Gap Purchases

Gap Purchases

Grateful to be home!

Grateful to be home!

I am obsessed with this swim suit.

I am obsessed with this swim suit.


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