Baby Red: 37 Weeks

Everything hurts.... hahha

Everything hurts…. hahha

Thoughts: Well 37 weeks is considered “Term” which basically means you can have your baby safely and the chances of them needing the NICU are the same as if you had your baby at 40 weeks. What does it mean for me? Basically nothing. I am certain I have a few more weeks of pregnancy ahead of me. It is exciting realizing how close to the end I am! I literally spend way to much time day dreaming about what our little girl looks like and what it will be like to hold her or to see Garren hold her. I decided to condense some of these categories mainly because I tired of writing all of them, but I still want to update for future purposes.

Dr Appointments/Baby: Thursday I had my appointment. It was more of the same stuff plus I was tested for group strep B. I don’t know the results yet. Basically strep b is a bacteria every one has, but it is active or dormant at different times in your life. If it’s active while pregnant/delivery they give you antibiotics while you labor to protect the baby. I am guessing they will let me know the results at my appointment this Thursday. Baby girl is still head down and her heart beat sounds perfect. We have found a physical therapist who takes my insurance so I will be doing that this week as well. The app on my phone says baby is now considered “full term” but with in the last year they changed it to “term” and “full term” is 39 weeks. Regardless baby girl will come when she comes! She is now a little over six pounds and 19 inches long. Kind of crazy to think a baby that size currently occupies my abdomen.

Weight/Cravings/Aversions/Eating: Apparently my body was waiting til the last minute to pack on the pounds because I gained THREE pounds in one week. Thats the most I have ever gained between appointments and my appointments are now only a week apart. So I have now gained 16 pounds. The doctor said it’s still a low weight gain but baby is still measuring with in the “recommend” measurements. I weirdly have only gotten stretch marks on the right side of my bump. Almost like a group of )))) around that side of my belly button. I knew I would get stretch marks no matter how much I lotion my belly because my skin does not stretch well. My freshman year of college I ran a ton and got some pretty sweet calf muscles which caused stretch marks. Annoying, but whatever. My love affair with milk continues and I have yet to find pebble ice. I have been chewing on our massive ice cubes and I am sure I will break a tooth one of these days.

Movement: Last week there was a 4 hour stretch where baby red did not move AT ALL. I could feel exactly where she was and now matter how much I poked and prodded her she would not move. I started to panic and called the on call doctor because it was after hours. It was the one male doctor in the office whom I have never met. He was not helpful whatsoever. He basically acted like I was bothering him. He told me to call back if she went a whole day with out moving. WHAT? Every time I go to the doctor they tell me to call and then go in for monitoring if I notice her patterns of movement change or if she hasn’t moved in a couple hours. I drank some coke and laid on my side and she did start moving again. Since then she has been her active crazy self, but every time I think about this doctor I feel so angry. I had an appointment scheduled with him in two weeks and I made sure to change it to a different doctor. She seems to favor my right side. I constantly feel her legs in my ribs and she is also head butting down below which is creating some…. very odd feelings. We will leave it at that.

Sleep/Workouts: My sleeping schedule is just plain weird now. I fall asleep around 3 am and wake up at 7 am. I then have breakfast, watch tv, bounce on the yoga ball and shower. Then I sleep from 10:30 am til 2:00 pm. I wake up eat lunch, bounce on the yoga ball, stare at the door until Garren gets home and then go back to bed. I sleep from 5:00 pm til 6:30 and then I wake up, eat dinner, and spend the evening with Garren. Basically, I eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom….much like a new born. This seems to be the best way to get actual sleep though so I guess I will do this while I can.

Symptoms: My energy levels are at an all time low. My SPD and Sciatica have become debilitating BUT I have figured out a heat and ice regimen that makes me feel like a human being again for a couple hours. So really that is amazing.

Signs of Labor: The only signs of labor around here are in the apartment. The bags are all packed, the family has guessed when she will come, and I have a sign on the door of things to remember to pack last minute. I haven’t had any “real” contractions but the braxton hicks contractions have been happening a lot more.

Garren: I decided Garren needs his own section on these updates because he is seriously amazing. I have been pretty miserable the past couple of weeks and your wouldn’t believe how much he has stepped up to the plate. I haven’t had to do dishes or laundry in 2 weeks. He is constantly researching ways to relieve my pains as I am curled up in a ball crying, and he never fails to tell me how beautiful he thinks I am. At this point in my pregnancy that means a lot because I am feeling very huge and very not pretty (awesome sentence I know). Plus he tells Blair how much he loves her and how excited he is for her to come every chance he gets. We are the two luckiest girls in the whole world.

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