Baby Red: 35 and 36 Weeks

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When Garren was taking these pictures he said, "Whoa you look proper pregnant," Thanks babe... :-P

When Garren was taking these pictures he said, “Whoa you look proper pregnant,” Thanks babe… :-P

Thoughts: My thoughts basically bounce between pure elation and complete and utter exhaustion. Pregnancy is no joke my friends. It’s funny because I have never been happier than I am currently, yet life is also a heck of a lot harder than I ever expected it to be! We finished the nursery last week and I seriously walk in there 35 times a day and just stare at it. I think it’s beautiful and the only thing that will make it better is seeing my daughter enjoy it! I had the vinyl for her name made and delivered; I was very nervous that the sizing would be off from what I imagined but it turned out perfect! I have been in crazy nesting mode which doesn’t pair well with my SPD (see symptoms) but I am getting around it just fine.

Dr. Appointments: My appointment last Thursday was my last Bi-Weekly appointment and I start WEEKLY appointments this Thursday. That seems surreal to me! I was diagnosed with a severe case of SPD (Symphysis Pupis Dysfunction) which is basically a form of pelvic  pain. I am supposed to be going to Physical Therapy three times a week but my insurance is giving me a headache so we will see if I ever actually get to go! It’s really hard to describe SPD to people who haven’t had it. Basically I do not have the ability to walk. If I am putting pressure on one leg the pain is unbearable and I have nearly fallen many times. It basically feels like my hips/tailbone is broken yet I am trying to walk still. Then there is the actual pelvic pain that feels like it’s being cracked in half. It’s constantly cracking and popping when I shift in bed or try to get up. I have tried stretches, exercises, bouncing on the yoga ball, tylenol, icy hot, warm baths, and showers. The only time I feel like a normal person is when I am in the bath or shower… so I take 1-2 baths a day and at least 1 shower. Good news is my itching has calmed down significantly. New symptoms I have are acid reflux and throwing up anytime I bend down after having had something to eat or drink (so basically any time I bend over). I have never had acid reflux before, but it’s more of an annoyance thankfulness a real issue for me. The throwing up is just weird. I never feel sick, it’s just like there isn’t enough room for baby and food so when I bend over one has to go! Clearly I am trying to remember to not bend over any more!

Baby: At 36 weeks Baby Red is now 18 3/4 inches long and weights about 5lbs 12 oz! I can’t believe that big of a baby is inside me right now. She is head down and would likely not need nicu time if she was born now. Only one week until she is considered “at term” and 3 weeks until she is considered “full term”. Things are getting very REAL around here.

Weight: I gained 2.5 more pounds between appointments so I have gained about 13 pounds. She is measuring about 2 weeks small now. As long as she measures with in 3 weeks they don’t worry about it. I don’t think I will gain much more just because eating is getting a lot harder with the lack of room in my stomach! Then again they say once baby drops you get more room so maybe I will gorge on food then ;)

Movement: I told Garren yesterday that if it wasn’t for the multiple ultrasounds I have had I would think there was two babies in there. I feel her every where. In my hips, pelvis, ribs and sides all in one swift movement. It’s insane. She is very strong and a lot of her movements are uncomfortable. Now although it is uncomfortable, I am still tickled pink that she is moving so I could care less that she just bruised my rib ;). She moves so much that if I haven’t felt her move in 15 minutes I get a little nervous, so I poke her a lot. I am sure she is not a fan of that. She gets the hiccups about 4-6 times a day. Garren is always shocked how “violent” they seem.

Cravings/Aversions/Eating: I honestly don’t know why I still have this section. Still milk. I love it with everything in me. Oh I have also been craving pebble ice for about a week now. I NEED it. We haven’t been able to find any so far.

Sleep: Well with my SPD pain my hips are constantly aching, but when your pregnant you can’t sleep on your stomach (I wouldn’t even know how to accomplish that at this point) or your back. That leaves your sides aka hips to sleep on. I usually fall asleep around 2, wake up at 3:30, 6:00 and 7:00 to go pee and then give up and go to the couch because my hips aren’t having it any more. I feel like this is one of the reasons my daughter is so active though. I have had so many wonderful, tender movements feeling her move and interacting with her in the womb at strange hours of the night. Now since my sleep is so short between bathroom breaks I often wake up and fall asleep singing the same song (currently a song from Frozen) or adding to the same dream. It’s strange.

Workouts: The only thing I am able to do now is bounce on the ball or do hip circles on the ball. I know have to use the walls in my apartment to keep be from falling when I walk so I am just grateful to have not fallen, I am not even thinking about exercising.

Random:  While I want to keep it real and be honest in my pregnancy updates (mostly for myself and future pregnancies) I want every one to know being pregnant is the GREATEST blessing I have ever received. I have learned so much about myself, my husband and my unborn child. I have learned a huge lesson in letting things that I can’t control go. My stress levels are at a record low and I am learning to just live in the present. With 4 weeks to go until my due date I am giddy beyond belief about meeting and bringing home our baby girl. My favorite thing to do right now is tell Garren how many days are left and watch all color drain from his face. He is very excited and incredibly nervous. It’s adorable. Since I will be going to the doctor every week I think I might do weekly updates, but condense them a little and add a “Signs of Labor” section. Maybe….

We just finished washing (prepping) all of her cloth diapers! We are using bumgenius 4.0 and freestyle. We plan to use disposables for the first 6 weeks. We don’t want to take on to much in the beginning. I am so excited to uses cloth diapers and to see her cute little fluff bum!

Look at all her cute diapers!

Look at all her cute diapers!

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