Happy Christmas & Merry Birthday

Christmas was very weird this year! We weren’t able to go home so we had our own little celebration. When your 6.5 weeks away from having your first baby Christmas looks a little different……..


Diapers! We are actually going to cloth diaper but not until baby girl is 6 weeks old so these are necessary!


Who knew such a little person could have so many things…..

The missionaries came over to our apartment and skyped with their families. The energy and excitement coming from their voices as they talked to their families was contagious! It was so fun to have them over. While they talked to their families we made Christmas dinner.

IMG_0185 IMG_0184 IMG_0175 IMG_0174It was delicious! After Garren took the missionaries home we went over to our friends house and played games and ate dessert for a few hours. It didn’t quite feel like Christmas not getting to be with our families but we are so blessed to have such wonderful friends to spend time with!

Today I turned 25. That sounds crazy to me! I know this is going to be my favorite year yet, because at 25 I will officially become “Mom”. I had to go to the doctor for my bi weekly appointment, complete with a tdap shot. I will blog more about that on my pregnancy update. Afterwards we went to the mall to do some more shopping for baby red and I bought a few things for myself as well! Then we went to Texas Roadhouse. I have been craving a good steak for weeks.


We have a major love affair with Pickle Chips.


Garren gets MAJOR husband points because he got me the Cadillac of diaper bags that I have been coveting and looked up a recipe for butterbeer. So cute! He made me butterbeer and we are currently having a Harry Potter marathon.

IMG_0194 IMG_0200 IMG_0202


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