Baby Red: 33 and 34 weeks

33 34

Thoughts: The last two weeks have been the most trying of my pregnancy. She has moved down and is already engaged so I basically have to waddle every where. My hip and back pain is killing me so sleeping has gotten worse. When things get rough and I can feel myself getting discouraged I simply remind myself how blessed I am. I have this beautiful, perfect life growing inside me. So many women don’t get that opportunity. I would do this for 40 more weeks to be this little girls mom. I am just glad I only have 6 left ;) A lot of my friends have been popping out their babies over the last month and it’s making me so excited to hold baby red.

Dr. Appointments: My appointment was on Thursday as usual. Unfortunately that was also my birthday. I received my Tdap vaccination. Pertussis is a scary disease and I was more than willing to get a shot (even on my birthday) to protect baby red. The nurse who gave me the shot did an amazing job. She asked me if I was doing alright and I didn’t even realize she had started giving me the shot. My arm was sore for a few days but nothing worth complaining about. WARNING TMI COMING UP I have been having a lot of pressure and losing some of my mucus plug so they decided to check my cervix for dilation. They said her head is already engaged and very low. Thankfully I am not dilated at all yet. I almost threw up when she checked though, not the most comfortable experience of my life. I ended up having to go back to the doctor yesterday because I have been having extreme itching (it started with my hands and feet and has progressed to entire body) as well as some other symptoms. They think it could be cholestasis. I had my blood drawn and wont find out until Thursday. I made the mistake of looking it up online and stopped reading after “increase risk of still birth”. Thankfully once you know you have it they monitor you closely and induce you at 37 weeks so that doesn’t happen. I know I have never wanted an induction, but I will take a healthy baby above all other things so however she needs to come is fine by me. Hopefully I don’t have it at all!

Baby: At 34 weeks Baby Red is about 17 3/4 inches long and weighs around 4 pounds and 12 ounces. The vernix (waxy protective coating) on her skin is becoming thicker and her lungs are continuing to mature for the outside world. At this point she has nearly the same chances of survival as she will being full term. However she would still need help on the outside so I have kindly reminded her to remain in her current home for a few more weeks.

Weight: Christmas definitely caught up with me. I ate way to much over the last couple of weeks! I gained 3.5 pounds since my last appointment. Making my total weight gain for pregnancy 10.5 lbs so far.

Symptoms: My pelvic and back pain is at an all time high. I cannot stand on one leg with out excruciating pain and getting out of bed is very difficult. Basically I feel like a bowling ball is trying to come out of me. My morning sickness isn’t too bad, but for some reason I keep throwing up water. I can drink nearly every thing else and be fine but if I drink more than a few sips of water I can’t hold it down. I have been getting a lot more braxton hicks contractions, especially when walking around. The itching…. it’s insane.

Movement: No changes here! She is still very active and moving around like crazy. She has started head butting me and it’s not the greatest feeling. I love watching her dance around my belly. She is definitely in control of my stomach!

Cravings/Aversions/Eating: Guess…… yep Milk. Also Mexican food. Out here in New England we have amazing pizza, seafood and even greek food. Mexican food? No cigar. We can’t even find decent tortillas at the store. I miss it desperately.

Sleep: Trying to sleep usually results in quite a lot of tossing, turning, and tears. I get up so much to go to the bathroom and my back and hip pain is becoming unbearable. I have to chuckle because people keep saying, “Get your sleep now while you can!” I have to assume they either A. Have never been 8 months pregnant before or B. Don’t remember what it’s like. I haven’t received more than an hours worth of consecutive sleep in months. At least when Blair is here I will have some cute company while I am awake!

Workouts: This week I blow dried my hair three times. Yes I realize this isn’t an actual work out, however my hair is incredibly long and I felt like passing out each time so I am counting it. Still the yoga and the stretching. My balance is starting to suffer so I am sure I look ridiculous!

Random: I am starting to drink Red Raspberry Leaf tea this week. They say it helps strengthen your uterus and makes labor a little bit easier. People swear by it. I am a big herbal tea drinker so I figure if it doesn’t work it’s not a big deal either. I feel like this post was short and mainly negative so I apologize! Honestly I may not love a lot of things about pregnancy but none of that matters. I love Blair more than anything already and I love knowing I have the ability to give her life. I am basically living in pajamas. My favorite moment from the last two weeks though happened the other night around 4:00 am. I had just gotten back into bed from going to the bathroom for the 12th time and my hips were killing me. Basically I was laying on my back crying and having a little pity party with my hand on my stomach. All of the sudden Blair popped out right under my hand. It surprised me and I moved my hand to a different area on my stomach and she moved to where my hand was. We did this for about 5 minutes. It was just a beautiful reminder of why all the aches and pains and lack of sleep are more than worth it. I lover her so much already.


Happy Christmas & Merry Birthday

Christmas was very weird this year! We weren’t able to go home so we had our own little celebration. When your 6.5 weeks away from having your first baby Christmas looks a little different……..


Diapers! We are actually going to cloth diaper but not until baby girl is 6 weeks old so these are necessary!


Who knew such a little person could have so many things…..

The missionaries came over to our apartment and skyped with their families. The energy and excitement coming from their voices as they talked to their families was contagious! It was so fun to have them over. While they talked to their families we made Christmas dinner.

IMG_0185 IMG_0184 IMG_0175 IMG_0174It was delicious! After Garren took the missionaries home we went over to our friends house and played games and ate dessert for a few hours. It didn’t quite feel like Christmas not getting to be with our families but we are so blessed to have such wonderful friends to spend time with!

Today I turned 25. That sounds crazy to me! I know this is going to be my favorite year yet, because at 25 I will officially become “Mom”. I had to go to the doctor for my bi weekly appointment, complete with a tdap shot. I will blog more about that on my pregnancy update. Afterwards we went to the mall to do some more shopping for baby red and I bought a few things for myself as well! Then we went to Texas Roadhouse. I have been craving a good steak for weeks.


We have a major love affair with Pickle Chips.


Garren gets MAJOR husband points because he got me the Cadillac of diaper bags that I have been coveting and looked up a recipe for butterbeer. So cute! He made me butterbeer and we are currently having a Harry Potter marathon.

IMG_0194 IMG_0200 IMG_0202


Baby Red: 31 and 32 Weeks


31 Weeks (Yes I have an angel growing out of my head)

32 Weeks!

32 Weeks!

Thoughts: Last week marks one year since our miscarriage. In some ways it feels like a life time ago. I was a different person then. I am a better, stronger person now. In other ways it seems like yesterday. Christmas was really hard for me last year and I can already tell you this year is a complete 180. Feeling our little girl move and watching Garren light up with excitement talking about her fills me with more joy than I could have ever imagined possible. The woman I was last December needed to go through that experience. It has made me not only more empathetic, but much more grateful for this pregnancy. Honestly if I had never lived through how quickly it can be taken from you I would be a complete whiner through this pregnancy. It’s hard. It takes it’s toll on your body, your sleep, your emotions, but it’s more than worth it. I needed to learn that.

Dr. Appointments: Last Thursday I met with my doctor and was basically told I am a perfect patient ;) My blood pressure is perfect, no protein or glucose in my urine, I haven’t had swelling, spotting, or actual contractions. My little girl is perfectly content inside me. She is head down and her heart rate is perfect! Next appointment is on my birthday, and I will be getting the tdap shot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! My appointment on January 9th is when we will go over my birth plan in depth. Doesn’t that give you butterflies? Just me? Ok.

Baby: At 32 weeks baby red weighs around 3 pounds 12 oz and is about 16 1/2 inches long. She now has toenails and fingernails, hair, and her skin is becoming soft and smooth as she plumps up. (We already know she has hair since the ultrasound tech showed us it at our 3d ultrasound at 27 weeks!)

Weight: I am back to a 7 lb total gain. My morning sickness has come back so that probably accounts for the weight loss (only 2 lbs), but my doctor wasn’t worried about it. She said baby is still growing and it’s normal for sickness and weight loss to occur this far into pregnancy.

Symptoms: Like I said above my morning sickness has come back. It’s no where near as bad as the first trimester and my doctor said that since I have a short torso and baby is getting so much bigger my sickness is most likely due to there being very little room in there. I am trying to eat lot of little meals through out the day. It does help. I ordered a maternity belt and it has helped my back pain and lower abdominal pain a lot. It’s not cured but walking around isn’t such a chore any more.

Movement: She is so active. I feel her constantly through out the day. Honestly it’s starting to hurt a lot when she moves. It’s really hard to explain. It’s weird because I can feel her moving at my hips and ribs. Girlfriend is starting to out grow her current home. Some times I politely tell her she is hurting me but then I feel bad and tell her if she is squished and needs to move in that way by all means do it. Yes I realize I sound like crazy person. Over it.

Cravings/Aversions/Eating: One word: Milk. I know it’s all I ever write about but I love it. I dream about it, I cry (literally) when we run out. Yesterday Garren came home from school and usually I am pretty dang excited to see him. He could tell I was in a bad mood and I hadn’t noticed. He asked me what was wrong and I told him we were out of milk. He understood immediately. Don’t worry we are well stocked again! We have also been juicing and I can feel my energy picking up from all those fresh fruits and veggies. I don’t have any other constant cravings but randomly (usually late at night) I will declare that I NEED lasagna or tacos or some other random food that we don’t have. So that’s fun.

Sleep: Nope. Don’t understand the topic. I get up every hour to pee and my restless legs are OUT OF CONTROL. Also my husband has taken up snoring as his new hobby. I am grateful he doesn’t remember me yelling at him and possibly smothering him (I promise not to inflict actual harm) in the morning. He is such a deep sleeper. I try really hard to not feel too envious of him. Lately I haven’t been falling asleep till around 3:00 in the morning and will wake up around 10 or 11…. but then since it’s so cold out side of my bed I lay there reading a book or playing on my phone til noon. (Blair is usually kicking up a storm at this point as well) I actually love this part of my day and know that never in my life will I have this opportunity again so I am just going to go with it. Call me lazy! :)

Workouts: Am I allowed to count rolling to my other side in bed or getting off the couch as workouts? If so I am doing fantastic! But really just the usual yoga and lower back/pelvic floor exercises. I see women who are still running or going to the gym at this point in their pregnancy and just wonder where they got their super powers from.

Random: I have started packing my hospital bag and the bag for the baby. I realize I still have 8ish weeks but I like being prepared, and I have nothing else to do! I have a list of things (compiled from many internet sources) to still get. If you have any MUST PACK ideas for me I would love to hear them. We live in New England and she will be born in the middle of winter I really don’t want Garren to have to go home and grab something because I forgot it. Saturday the 7th was my baby shower and the 14th was my breast feeding class. The class was well worth it! The lady who taught it was so sweet and there was only one other mom to be in the group. She answered all of our questions and put a lot of my worries and fears to rest. I am so glad Garren went! He said he didn’t realize what a huge deal breast feeding is and how much love and support I will need. Now we are completely on the same page. It has made me about ten times more excited for Baby Red to make her appearance!

I have been dying to take some maternity photos in the snow.... First we needed snow! We got about a foot this weekend!

I have been dying to take some maternity photos in the snow…. First we needed snow! We got about a foot this weekend!

I adore this baby girl. 8 more weeks!

I adore this baby girl. 8 more weeks!


Baby Red’s Baby Shower

I have made AMAZING friends out here in Manchester. I feel so blessed to have been welcomed in to this group of women and Baby Red is definitely feeling the love. Today we had a baby shower for her at Olive Garden.

Since her name is on the (adorable) cake I figured I might as well completely disclose that on here as well. We will probably continue to call her Baby Red though… the nick name just fits right now. Her full name is Blair Monroe Allred. Monroe is my Great Grandparents last name as well as my Great Uncle’s last name. I was lucky enough to have my Great Grandma in my life for 19 years and my Great Grandpa for 23 years. They are by far some of the most inspiring people I have ever known. My Uncle Ron is also a very special person in our lives and we couldn’t think of 3 better people to name our daughter after. Her first name kind of just came to us. We had a huge list of girl names but the second they told us she was a girl we knew Blair was her name!

Back to the shower…..


Love these Ladies!

Hopefully Blair loves to read as much as her mom does! So many wonderful books.

Hopefully Blair loves to read as much as her mom does! So many wonderful books.


We also made her an alphabet book.


I am excited to see the end result, it was such a cute idea.


Her nursery is Lilac, Gray and Giraffes so this cake is SERIOUSLY perfect.


Delicious food and great company

Delicious food and great company


Baby Red: 29 and 30 Weeks

29weeks 30weeks

Thoughts: Well I am 3/4ths of the way through this pregnancy. 30 weeks sounds substantial don’t you think? Now that I got to the doctor every two weeks (CRAZY) I figure I will try and blog every two weeks as well. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to say though so we shall play it by ear. I feel like December is going to FLY by but January will drag on forever. I am trying to be patient because this little girl needs time to grow still!

Dr. Appointments: Honestly I feel like nothing happens at these things. They check my urine for protein and glucose (negative), my weight, my blood pressure (always around 105/70), take my fundal height, and check baby girls heart beat. My fundal height (basically measuring the size of your uterus) is always exactly where it should be, although I have read this is a less than accurate way to measure how baby is growing. I am grateful to have a wonderful doctor office to go to and I am sure going every two weeks will make time fly, it just gets a little old! We scheduled all of our appointments til February 13th (which I hopefully wont make because baby girl will be here!) It’s all feeling a lot more real.

Baby: At 30 weeks baby is almost 16 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds. That seems so big to me! Although she will still more than double her weight before coming home with us. Her eye sight is continuing to develop but even when she is born her vision will only be at about 20/400, meaning she will only be able to see objects a few inches in front of her face. Her head is also getting bigger as her brain develops.

Weight: Well since my last appointment 2 weeks ago, I have gained 2 pounds. Looks like I am gaining a pound a week at this point which is right on track. My total weight gain is now at 9lbs.

Symptoms: My lower back pain is the worst it has ever been. Some times at night when I get out of bed it hurts so bad I can stand right because putting pressure on my legs makes my back feel like it will snap in half. I ordered a maternity belt that should be here tomorrow and I am hoping this helps alleviate the pain. I have been getting Braxton Hicks contractions lately but most of the time they don’t bother me. She also seems to have moved up a little bit. I am feeling her kick around my ribs. Sunday she was positioned in a way that she was pressing against my diaphragm and it was hard to fully catch my breath. I am glad she seems to have moved because that was awful.

Movement: Baby girl can pack quite the punch these days. There are some movements that actually hurt! I love how strong she is getting. She also seems to react to mine and Garren’s voice. She will start moving like crazy the second we start talking to her. She usually wakes me up in the morning by rolling from side to side. Unless you have been pregnant before it’s impossible to fully explain how it feels to feel your child move inside you. I have been feeling her move now for 12 weeks and I am still amazed by it each and every time. I am to the point where I do a kick count twice a day. Basically I need to feel 10 movements in the space of an hour. It usually takes about 10 minutes to get the 10 movements though. She is super active.

Cravings/Aversions/Eating: I no longer throw up when eating chocolate! Which may also explain me now gaining weight…. :P The temptation of drinking a cold glass of milk can literally get me out of bed in the morning. I wish you all understood how weird that is for me. Milk use to always go bad in our house because I just don’t drink it. Now we go through a gallon and a half a week. I haven’t had any new cravings or aversions. Basically I am just trying to not overeat all the delicious holidays treats we have been getting (and making).

Sleep: What’s that? Seriously. I wake up every hour and a half to pee, toss and turn to try and get comfortable and then when I do she starts kicking away. I am basically over it though. I just stay in bed longer to make up for it. If it wasn’t for my body pillow I wouldn’t sleep at all! Something I find super odd though is the fact that I have NEVER in my life been able to sleep on my back (I have always been a stomach sleeper) and lately I keep waking up on my back which is a huge no-no during pregnancy. Every thing I have read says if you wake up on your back and change position you are fine, it’s just weird to me.

Workouts: Down to only yoga, but I have realized yoga is vital to keeping my back pain manageable. I use the yoga ball a lot as well. Going up the stairs at our apartment is currently a huge chore. By the time I get up them I am huffing and puffing like I just ran a few miles. I have a feeling getting back into shape post baby is going to be a very big task.

Random: I have the world’s deepest belly button so it is definitely still an “innie” but its crazy how shallow it is now! This Saturday my friends are throwing me a baby shower and next Saturday we have a breast feeding class! I am so excited! We seriously have so much to look forward too :)

I am pleased to say I can still see my feet.... I am not sure that will last much longer!

I am pleased to say I can still see my feet…. I am not sure that will last much longer!