Thanksgiving Week!

Garren had the ENTIRE week off of school this week. It has been wonderful having him home and I am already dreading Monday! We started off the week by going to see Catching Fire last Saturday. I had quickly re-read the book the week before and was actually quite impressed with the movie. The cinematography was a lot less shaky than the first and it followed closer to the book. There was one part that seriously annoyed me, but I will just have to let it go! We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner (YUM) and when we came out there was a full fledged white out. First snow of the season! I was very excited but bummed that it hadn’t made it’s way to Manchester. (We were in Londonderry)

Garren had to clean the car off and regretted not wearing a coat!

Garren had to clean the car off and regretted not wearing a coat!


On our way to the movie!

We used Garren’s time off to get Baby Red’s nursery done. It is almost complete. I wont share pictures of that just yet because there are still a few vital things that need to go up before it’s finished. I am so excited. I go in there all of the time to just stare at her room and imagine what it will be like going in to get her in the mornings.


We spent Thanksgiving with friends. We are blessed to have couples our age in our ward and have developed a wonderful friendship with them. We each brought different dishes and the meal went off wonderfully. It was delicious. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. This week I have done more than I have did the rest of the month and Thanksgiving night I was having tons of Braxton Hicks contractions. It actually scared me enough to make me do absolutely nothing Friday and just rest. I am feeling much better though and baby girl is just as active as ever.

Today we decorated for Christmas! Our apartment is pretty small so we couldn’t use all of our decorations but the tree is up! I love looking at it! We took a picture in front of the tree and I got all pregnant and emotional thinking about how next year our baby girl will be in that picture with us! (I guess technically she is in this one… ;) )


Cute Window Clings on our Balcony

Cute Window Clings on our Balcony


Our Tree! :)


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