Baby Red: 21-24 Weeks


Weeks 21 and 22

Week 23

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

24 Weeks

Update: I managed to pull myself together and take a week 24 picture today. Only a couple days late :)

Thoughts: I still have 16 weeks to go but I can’t help but imagine what this sweet girl looks like and dreaming of holding her in my arms! I am so excited to have this little girl in our home and family. With the holidays coming up I  just get so excited to imagine having our little girl to celebrate these holidays next year! Kids always make the holidays more fun.

Dr. Appointments: Usually I enjoy going to the doctor, because I love hearing her heartbeat but that was the first day I REALLY felt sick so it was a lot of work getting there. We listened to baby girl’s heartbeat. She kept moving away from the doppler so the doctor had to check her heart beat quite a few times. Had me and her daddy laughing. We scheduled my next appointment for November 15th. I will have an ultrasound at this appointment to check and see if my placenta previa has corrected itself. If not we will be scheduling my c-section for the beginning of January when I am 35 weeks along. We are praying this isn’t the case! I actually feel really confident that it’s going to be fine, and this is just a wonderful excuse to get to see our little girl again. The following week I have to do the dreaded glucose test. I am not looking forward to this. I have heard some horror stories.

Baby: This week baby girl has reached viability! This means that if she were to be born now (please no.) she would have a 40% chance of surviving. With each week her chances of surviving get greater. It’s a tiny sigh of relief that we are getting to a point that baby girl is safer. Don’t worry I have told her that she needs to remain in her current rental for at LEAST 13 more weeks. Over the last 4 weeks her digestive system has begun to develop as well as her taste buds and her lungs. She is just over a foot long and weighs about a pound! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that there is an actual baby in there. Garren got me a pocket fetal doppler as a surprise! Ah hearing our baby girls heart beat is the best sound in the whole world.

Weight: I have gained 3lbs as of this week, however I feel a lot bigger than that!

Symptoms: Sciatica is by far my least favorite symptom at the moment. It happens instantly and leaves me limping from the pain shooting down my leg. I guess I should be grateful that it switches sides when it does happen. So far I have found absolutely nothing that helps. I have tried warm baths, a heating pad, an ice pack, and many different suggested stretches. So if any one else has a different suggestion I am all ears! My headaches are back to their normal weekly occurrence which is much better than daily!  I threw up my favorite dark chocolate and raspberry Cold Stone ice cream. Devastation. So I have sworn off chocolate….. EXCEPT I can eat pumpkin chocolate chip cookies without hurling. So at least baby girl’s giving her mamma that one. Lately my chest has felt really tight and its been hard to take in a full, deep breath especially when lying down. I have also had some random heart flutters but those aren’t knew. I have always had them.

Movement: Eek! On October 4th, when I was approximately 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant, Garren felt our little girl move for the first time. The joy on his face was worth a million words. I will never find those words to describe to all of you what that moment meant to me. She is definitely a mover. Her favorite time to flip and kick around happens to be 2 am. It always wakes me up and makes it hard to sleep. It’s mostly hard to sleep because I am still so in awe of this little being. He has felt her move since then. I love being able to finally share this part of pregnancy with my sweet husband. As of last week I can now stare at my belly and watch her move around. It’s so crazy to see. I have a video of it, but my new stretch mark near my belly button is not being posted on the internet….

Cravings/Aversions/Eating: I really don’t have anything to add to this. I love pickles (hello pregnancy stereotype) on hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, tuna-salad sandwiches….. plain…  You get the drift. I have also been wanting these chicken puff things I make so that’s become a weekly meal. Oh I do have something new to add! I have had like 8 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this week. I cannot get enough. So yummy. I also had to buy white bread for them because for some weird reason wheat wasn’t cutting it.

Sleep: With this new sciatic symptom and constant kick schedule sleep is a thing of the past. I miss sleeping on my stomach but the body pillow is a blessing from the angels. My daily activities leave plenty of time for me to sleep in so my lack of sleep is not from lack of effort ;) I still get up to pee a lot but I basically get to the bathroom and back on auto pilot. (Which I learned the hard way since Garren closed our door one night and I ran right into it.)

Workout: Yoga is my favorite “active” thing to do right now, but the gorgeous fall weather make leisurely strolls a very close second. It just gets a little mundane walking the same course every day. I think I am going to bust out my yoga ball soon to use that. I am still religiously doing my squats and lunges! Please bless it helps labor and delivery (assuming my placenta previa cooperates and moves up!)

Random:  I have been working on a lot of different things for baby girls nursery! I am making a tree out of cut up toilet paper rolls. I would say I am about 3/4ths of the way done but I needed a break after going so hardcore during General Conference. I have way to many hot glue gun burns and blisters. We bought a piece of wood at home depot and I used mod podge to put giraffe paper and then Baby Red’s latest ultrasound picture on it. We will be doing a gallery wall in her nursery so this is one of my many projects for it! I have also made about nine burp cloths with random extra fabric I had lying around. I want to make her a bed skirt and some other gallery wall projects :)


Random burp cloths


They aren’t my best sewing creations… but she is going to be spitting up on them so I figured they don’t need to be great!


I love how this turned out!


The infamous tree!

Being Sick: Last Wednesday I woke up with a horrible sore throat. I couldn’t sleep it was so bad. The next day my nose was congested… and well it went down hill very fast. My sweet husband is amazing. He has take such good care of me. I am on the up swing now and am getting better. The cough is the worst, as I feel like I could cough my baby out at any moment. Thankfully I have been able to sleep a lot, drink lots of fluids, and have a husband who makes sure I eat. Poor Garren is now sick and has two big tests this week, say a little prayer for him!


Monday Family Home Evening

Since we are expecting our first baby we decided to center our Family Home Evening lessons on the manual called “A Parent’s Guide,” found HERE on lds.org. I did our first lesson tonight on the section within chapter one called “An Earthly Family Is a Preparation for an Eternal Family”. I couldn’t get through the whole thing with out crying. Just thinking about the great blessing and responsibility of bringing this little girl into our home is humbling and overwhelming. We look forward to this challenge and know we will need the Lord’s support in every step of this journey.

Garren’s activity went perfectly with helping us remember what is truly important in this life. We have compiled a list of 100 things we are grateful for and have decided to share the top ten with you:

  • Our Savior Jesus Christ and His infinite atonement.
  • Eternal Family- The families we were blessed with and the family we are now building together
  • The Gospel and all it entails- The Book of Mormon, The Plan of Salvation, Our Testimonies, Temples ect
  • Our Daughter- Yes we know she is apart of our eternal family but we lover her so much she warranted her own bullet point.
  • The comforts within our temporal life. Our car, apartment, the ability to walk in to our kitchen when hungry.
  • Good friends. We have both been bless to have made amazing friends through out our short lives so far and are indebted to their amazing examples.
  • Education. Garren is currently in grad school following his dream to be a Physical Therapist. This will in turn make it possible for me to follow my dream of being a stay at home mom. I have two semesters left of my bachelors degree and wouldn’t trade any of the education I have had thus far for anything.
  • Laughter. Every night Garren and I find random youtube videos to watch so that our day always ends with us laughing. We are always laughing together. In fact last yesterday in church we sang hymn #156 entitled, “Sing We Now at Parting”. One of us made the comment “what if that p was an f.” (Maturity at it’s finest. We are having a child people. Scary stuff I know) Any way that got us giggling. Then the last line of the first verse says, “fill this sabbath air”. All composure was gone. Garren was crying, and I was trying not to pee in all my pregnant glory. Now I don’t condone being irreverent in Church, but this was just one of those moments when laughing cannot be stopped. Laughing is very therapeutic.
  • Nature. We have both been blessed to live in many different places and it never stops to astound us how gorgeous this world is that our Father in Heaven created for us. We have many dreams and plans of seeing more of it in the many years to come.
  • Finally Ice Cream. Yep. Ice Cream. Nothing is better than sitting down with a bowl of ice cream, or coming home and knowing you have some in your freezer. Ice cream fixes bad days and celebrates good days. Ice Cream is an Allred staple. Just ask any of us ;)

Family Home Evening is a wonderful tradition/practice in church and I urge every one to make it a tradition within your own family. I can’t wait for the day when our children gather around us for this purpose.

Since every blog post needs a picture here is me playing pictionary with Garren telling him what I want to eat for dinner and a picture of Garren’s favorite post test celebration.


IMG_20131008_144109 IMG_20131008_191359 (2)