Baby Red: 19 and 20 Weeks


this is in between 19 and 20 so I will just count it as both ;)

Thoughts: I can’t believe I am half way through my pregnancy! I would say it flew by but honestly it was a VERY long 20 weeks. I think the whole puking my guts out for 14 weeks, moving across the country and settling in had something to do with that. I am excited to work on the nursery!

Dr. Appointments: I had my anatomy scan on Thursday and then talked to the doctor afterwards. Turns out I have partial placenta previa (this is when part of the placenta is covering the cervix) so I will need another ultrasound at 28 weeks to see if my placenta has moved up. She said that in most cases of partial placenta previa it will move up. If it doesn’t it’s an automatic ticket to have a C-section at 35-36 weeks because you can’t risk going into labor on your on. I am trying not to think about this because it would be slightly devastating and scary for me. I have wanted a natural birth almost as long as I have wanted a baby. Is that weird? Any way I feel really confident that it will move so I am not dwelling on it.  In the end all I want is a healthy baby and I will put that in the Lord’s hands.

Baby: Thursday we found out Baby Red is a girl! We are so thrilled. Not going to lie, a boy definitely would have been cheaper. I am going crazy with all of the cute girl stuff out there. I have her entire nursery planned and drawn out. I have many crafts to complete over the next 20 weeks! During her anatomy scan they measured her head, looked at her heart, spine, stomach, kidneys and all of her limbs. She is literally perfect. She was wiggling around so much that it took a while to get a certain picture that shows all 4 chambers of her heart. I was afraid that there was actually something wrong and they just couldn’t tell me, but after the ultrasound the doctor assured me she is perfect.

Weight: I weighed the exact same as I had at my previous doctor’s appointments… so yeah….

Symptoms: My headaches are almost a daily occurrence now. Not my favorite but better than throwing up. I only throw up if I eat chocolate. I don’t understand this. Apparently my daughter has missed the memo that chocolate cures 95% of women’s problems. I already have so much to teach her ;) My lower back has been hurting a lot lately and recently I realized that pulling myself up with my abdominal muscles feels weird. It doesn’t hurt or anything it’s just a strange feeling. Does that make sense?  Other than that I am feeling pretty great!

Movement: During the ultrasound Baby Red was moving around a lot and I could feel all of her little movements. I think this experience helped me realize I am in fact feeling the baby every time I feel those little thumps and rolls. Last night night as I was falling asleep she started moving up a storm. It was actually making me a little nauseous but I smiled the whole time. It is such a surreal thing to feel and know that is my daughter moving around in there. I cry just thinking about how much we love her! Ok since I wrote this we have a slightly new development. She has been moving around like crazy tonight so I had my hand where I was feeling the movement and felt her kick my hand!! So Garren of course ran over and put his hand there, and guess what!? She completely stopped moving. Stubborn little girl. He went back to his studying and she proceeded to dance around my belly. I think she is just waiting for her daddy to kill his test tomorrow and then she will let him feel her kicking away ;)

Cravings/Aversions/Eating: This hasn’t changed either. I still want Chic-Fil-A every day and I am drinking way more milk than I ever thought possible. Recently I have been eating a lot of mac n cheese. I am not sure if it’s because I want it or if it’s because it’s here and easy to make. Grapes are still high on the food list as well. I’m really not all that picky so I suppose that is a good thing!

Sleep: This is a sore subject. I don’t get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time because I wake up so often to use the bathroom. However I sleep pretty hard when I am asleep. I will fall asleep and wake up in the exact same position clutching my body pillow. My shoulders get sore so I go to the bathroom and switch sides a lot.

Workouts: Garren and I participated in a 5k on Saturday. It was more of a hike than a run. Garren ran it and actually took 3rd place. I walked with some of my friends and boy am I feeling it now. It’s honestly quite pathetic! My calves and shins and back all feel like some one mutilated those muscles. Guess I need to work out more.

Random: Garren and I love talking to our little girl. It’s so fun to call her by her name. I honestly don’t think we will be able to keep her name to ourselves until she is born. I already have to catch myself from saying it. Plus out of excitement I have told people out here. I am not good with happy secrets/surprises. I just want every one to share the joy with us! Maybe we will announce during the next pregnancy update!


3 thoughts on “Baby Red: 19 and 20 Weeks

  1. Congrats! Our baby is niknamed Ranga B-ranga is aussie slang for a red head, which my partner has! I have placenta previa since the beginning and last week at 24 1/2wks it had moved partially but not enough to be safe. I was not sure about c-section or natural but i want our bubba to be safe so i do everything the dr says. Keep in touch :-)


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