Baby Red: Gender Reveal

Today we (FINALLY) found out our precious baby’s gender. For fun I went through all of the different “old wives tales” to see if there was any truth to them. Considering they came out to a 50/50 chance, they weren’t much help.

Chinese Gender Chart: Boy

Mayan Gender Theory: Boy

Bump High/Low: Girl

Bump Wide/Narrow-: Girl

Ring Test: Boy

Hair: Girl

Acne: Boy

Heartbeat: Girl

Cravings: Boy

Sleep Position: Girl

Graceful/Clumsy: Boy

Stress Test: Boy

Dream (opposite of dreams theory): Girl

Between our families Boy pulled out a little bit above girl but it was fairly even… Any way might as well get to the announcement!



A GIRL! We are so in love! I honestly can’t believe how much more real this feels! Seeing her wiggle around was beautiful.  We do have a name for her but we aren’t sure we will share that before she is born! We shall see :) So weird, from the very beginning I have thought this baby would be a boy, but when I laid down on the table I knew they were going to tell me she was girl. SO NUTS. So there goes my ‘mother’s intuition’. The funniest part is my phone died as we were leaving the clinic so we couldn’t call and tell any one! Then we get home and I had left the handset off the receiver and the house phone was in-turn dead as well. What are the chances?

Any way isn’t she gorgeous?!

IMG_20130919_172937 IMG_20130919_172907 IMG_20130919_172859How am I going to wait 20 more weeks to meet this cute girl? Hopefully the second half is faster than the first half!


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