Hampton Beach Seafood Festival

Garren and I have been looking forward to this! We got to go to the beach, eat amazing seafood,and be thoroughly entertained. We got there as it opened, which proved to be a genius idea. There was a ton of people there, but we got a good parking spot. They had free charter buses to the actual festival. They were school buses! We haven’t ridden a school bus since high school. I don’t remember the seats being quite as close together as they were. We ate fried clams, bacon wrapped sea scallops and amazing lobster rolls.


At one point we sat and listened to this band play. It was a lot not so much singing as it was yelling, but there were a ton of people (mostly older) that were dancing in front of the stage. I wish we had filmed them. They looked like they were having so much fun and kept us entertained. We didn’t end up buying any souvenirs which is good for our wallet; I just couldn’t find anything I HAD to have. Had we known Baby Red’s gender that probably would have been a different story ;)


18 week bump!


New England Beach! The water was freezing. Excuse Garren holding my purse, he was being a gentleman.


Sand prints!


I love the beach!


On a school bus together again! Last time was either for an FCCLA trip or a Prostart trip in High School.


The stage before the band started playing and the place got packed


Lobster Rolls!



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