Baby Red: Weeks 14, 15, and 16

Weeks 13, 14 and 15

Weeks 14, 15, and 16

Thoughts: The past three weeks have been a whirl wind of craziness. Week 14 we were packing up, loading the trailer and Garren and Jerry took off for their cross country drive. Consider the amount of morning sickness I struggled with (and the amount I now have to use the restroom) we decided it was best for me to fly. I flew out about 2 weeks ago. My first order of business was finding a doctor. I talked to different women at my church, and one gave a RAVING review about Bedford Commons. So I went an made an appointment. My first appointment out here will be September 4th. 2 weeks away. I will probably do another post after the appointment. :)

Dr. Appointments: I guess I just answered this above. I will tell you that just walking into my new doctor’s office to make an appointment, made me feel like it was the right choice. Hopefully I am able to get the same kind of Doctor/Patient relationship as I had in Utah.

Baby: So baby is now about 4-5 inches long and weighs 3 ounces. So still very tiny. I read that while our baby hasn’t opened their eyes quite yet in the womb, they can “sense” light. We will hopefully find out the gender soon after our appointment on September 4th. Fingers crossed we can make the ultrasound for September 13th.

Weight: Still down the 14 pounds I lost, but I do have a little bump now. Non maternity pants aren’t the most comfortable.

Symptoms: At 14.5 weeks my morning sickness completely stopped. I am beyond grateful for this. It has made getting to spend these two weeks with Garren before he starts PT school that much more amazing! I will have random bouts of nausea but nothing close to how bad it was the first trimester. Unfortunately my migraines have made a reappearance. In all honesty though I would rather deal with my migraines than the morning sickness. I do get some round ligament pain but nothing to bad.

Movement: Sometimes I think I feel a tiny movement, but I have absolutely no idea what I am looking for. I can’t wait until I know, without doubt, I actually felt out baby move and even better for Garren to be able to feel the baby move. It makes me smile ear to ear just thinking about it. He is already such an amazing Dad and I love sharing this experience with him.

Cravings/Aversions/Eating: This has been about 100 times better than when I last posted. Plus I am on the east coast with fresh lobster at my disposal. YUM. Oddly enough I am mostly craving bean and cheese burritos, grapes, and milk. I still have a major aversion to chocolate, which hurts my heart greatly.

Sleep: My insomnia is not as bad, but I will sometimes get up 10 different times to pee in the middle of the night. It’s incredibly annoying. My doctor in Utah said my tilted uterus and tiny sized bladder (ultrasound technicians always comment on how small it is) makes for a bad combination while pregnant. Pregnancy already causes more frequent trips to the bathroom, I just get a few more added in ;) I am still sleeping on my stomach but not as much. My body pillow has already proven to be handy.

Workouts: I am still doing yoga every day. We now live on the third floor of the building so you can add stairs into my every day routine! I have been trying to do a lot of squats and lunges as well, as they say doing those through out pregnancy helps with labor. Yesterday we went swimming which I loved. I will definitely be adding that into the mix. Since we are exploring this new city of ours we have been walking a lot too. Really I feel great, but by 7 I am usually wiped out!

Random: Pretty sure I am horrible at these pregnancy updates. I honestly just don’t really know what to say. The symptoms may sound negative but I love being pregnant. I love knowing I am already taking care of this tiny life inside of me. It gives me a greater sense of purpose. I know this child is a complete gift from God and I will take all of the bad symptoms that come with it. I can’t wait to know the gender of this baby. We do already have names picked out. Finding a girl name we both love was hard but I love the names we have chosen. We wont be announcing the name until baby is born though. We are taking a poll on gender so give us you guess on boy or girl for Baby Red!




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