Welcome to New Hampshire

I have been here at total of 48 hours and I am already in love! Saturday night they picked me up at the airport and we went out to an amazing Greek place. Garren has been missing his Gyro’s so this was the third time they have gone that week! I feel asleep right after unpacking and putting away all my clothes.

Sunday I woke up pretty early and unpacked the living room. We had church at 1:00 so I had the time to spare. Church was amazing. The entire ward was so friendly. We have been invited to several different homes for dinner, and next Sunday we will be eating at the Bishop’s house. I have never felt more welcomed in my life. Plus I got some good suggestions on doctors! I have my first doctor appointment

on September 4th. Then we can hopefully set up a time to learn baby red’s gender :)  After church Jerry and Garren were amazing! They hung up all of our pictures. I think hanging pictures should always be a top priority. They are what make a space feel like a home.

DSCN0064 DSCN0065 DSCN0066 DSCN0067

Today Garren took me down to his school so that I can see it. The building is absolutely gorgeous and right on the river! He is going to love it :)

Standing next to the Merrimack River

Standing next to the Merrimack River



Garren’s home for the next 2 years!

Tomorrow we are going to the Boston Temple, the Yankee Lobster Company (yum) and to drop Jerry off at the airport so I will post then as well!




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