Graduation and Camping (Lots of Pictures)

So for the past few weeks I have been planning a surprise BBQ for Garren’s graduation. It went perfectly! As we drove up the drive way he said “Dang! How many people did my mom invite to dinner?!” (He maybe sounded a little annoyed) To which I replied, ” Oh um SURPRISE!” and then explained it was a BBQ for his graduation. We had so much fun hanging out with family and friends. Thank you to all those who came and helped!

Friday was the day Garren graduated. I was kind of emotional all day just because this year has held so much trial for us and here we were celebrating something so wonderful. Despite all we had gone through Garren was graduating (with amazing grades I might add) and we are on to the next phase of our lives. I couldn’t be prouder!


Garren and his Mom


Just about to leave for Graduation :)


Garren walking in


My Graduate :)


We had to get ONE of these :)


Sorry it’s hard to see but this is him getting his diploma! (well.. the case…)


Love this man


So Excited

Literally within a couple hours of graduation we got in the car and headed down to Quail lake to camp for the weekend. We didn’t take very many pictures, and you should be glad! It was hot… and we were a mess. I didn’t grow up camping but I have since learned that the first night of camping is super romantic… the second night proves you’ll love each other through anything…. ha ha We felt pretty sweaty and gross. We went down to the lake and waded in to the water. I ended up falling in (Graceful) so Garren jumped in to make me feel better. True love.  Tomorrow is our actual anniversary and since it is the “Cotton” anniversary we are going to tie-dye shirts for each other. I have never done that so I am excited. I will post about our anniversary later this week :)



We love camping


I am a genius and tried to take a picture of the stars…. Wow.


I was a little cold the first night…. I was ill prepared for the heat the next day.



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