Moving/Yard Sale!

Well we are moving out of our apartment next Saturday, and staying with my Uncle until we move to New Hampshire in August. After thinking long and hard we have come to the conclusion we need to sell all our furniture and just take the necessities with us on the cross country journey. This will literally save us THOUSANDS of dollars.

This also makes me so sad, because the majority of our furniture we found at thrift stores or estate sales,  then refinished them ourselves. Luckily Garren’s parents will store our kitchen table for us (way to amazing to sale) and are buying my beloved dresser.

The rest is up for grabs! The yard sale will be Saturday April 13th from 9:00 am – until we either run out of stuff to sell or it gets to dark!

The sale will be located at 1175 North, Northfield Road on a grassy area near the apartment complex. There will be signs and balloons letting you know exactly where it is! Hope to see you all there!

We are selling:

  • Couch and Love Seat
  • 2 Tv Stands
  • 2 night stands
  • Refinished Antique Sewing table
  • Desk
  • Refinished Spindle Changing Table
  • Love Sac
  • Lamps
  • Dishes/Glasses/Vases ect
  • Bouncer Chair/Foot rest
  • End Tables
  • Magic Bullet/George Foreman/Electric Skillet
  • Fondue Maker/Ice Cream Maker/Snow Cone Maker
  • Small charcoal grill
  • 6 Wooden table chairs
  • An old Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop (Works great but needs a new Batter)
  • Backbacks/laptop case/coolers

Every thing has to go so come make your best offers!

Below are some pictures of a few of the things we are selling!


Solid wood Dresser


Bouncer Chair and Foot Rest


TV Stand and TV


Cuddle Bug (Love Sac)


End Tables (2 total)


Girl Car Seat (Great Condition)


Magic Bullet (Used only a few times with ALL attachments)


Refinished antique sewing table (Crystal Knobs on drawers not in photo)


Tan Micro fiber couch. Love Seat is identical


Desk and Chair


Refinished spindle changing table (white/giraffe print)


Ice Cream Maker


2009 Dell Inspiron Runs great but needs new battery

IMG_20130410_183320 IMG_20130410_183336 IMG_20130410_183634 IMG_20130410_183917 IMG_20130410_195938


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