Finding Happiness

The past 5 months have been a complete roller coaster.

In that time we:

  • Found out we were expecting our first baby.
  • We lost our baby
  • we applied to grad school
  • We were denied or put on a lot of wait lists and realized we needed a plan B
  • My hours were cut at work
  • We devised a plan B and became excited about it
  • We found out Garren was accepted into Franklin Pierce’s DPT progam
  • My Grandpa died

It’s been really crazy and to be honest I thought I could never handle some of the trials that had been thrown at us. However we have made our way through it together and have learned so much in the process.

I am a planner. A crazy planner. I have to plan every detail of every event well before it’s going to take place. Clearly most of the things that have transpired in the last 5 months can’t be ‘planned for’. This is when I realized I have to relinquish my control. I don’t get to decide if Garren gets into grad school, I don’t get to decide if I will have the opportunity of caring my next baby to full term. All I get to decide is how I react to the life I lead. I can wallow in self misery and pity, or I can find happiness. I am so very blessed. I have a husband who would do anything for me, a family who loves and supports us, and a Father in Heaven who is so aware Me.

My grandma just lost the love of her life. She is the epitome of strength, virtue and happiness. She has been through so many hardships in her life, but upon meeting her you would never know. She literally glows. I pray one day to be a tenth of the woman she is. For now I will take the lessons of patience, forgiveness,  and submission to heart and challenge myself to let go of how I think my life should play out. The Lord knows what I am capable of, he knows the path my life will lead. I just need to hold on and make the most of it, cherishing all the good that is in store for us.

If nothing else, we get to wake up in the morning and decide, will this be a good day, or will I let it be a bad day. Happiness is a choice, some days it’s harder to make that decision, but it is there waiting for us to grasp it.

I am so excited for the next chapter in our lives. I am so proud of my husband for his hard work and determination. He is going to make an amazing Physical Therapist.

New Hampshire here we come :)

The day we found out he got into Franklin Pierce!

The day we found out he got into Franklin Pierce!


P.S. We got to go visit Garren’s brother/sister in law and our nieces and nephews in Montana a few weeks ago. It was so fun! WE WILL live in Montana one day.


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