Valentine’s Day and President’s Day

This year on Valentines day we kept it pretty low key, went about our daily routine of school, work, gym and then we went out to eat to Centro Pizza and watched Valentine’s Day at home. I gave Garren 14 presents on the 14th minute of every hour. It was fun :) He got me gorgeous flowers and a plant for my desk at work. It smells amazing. I love that i will forever have the best Valentine ever!


I made Garren a bouquet of bacon roses as his first present :)


Finished wrapping all his little presents :)


Going out to dinner! PINK!

Now to President’s Day! Today! Two years ago on President’s Day (02-21-2011) Garren took me snow shoeing. It was 6 miles total, 3 of them being completely up hill. It was killer. I honestly thought he was trying to kill me. Once we got to the top (which over looks Cedar Breaks) he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Let me tell you that strenuous hike became completely worth it. We thought it would be fun to recreate that day today. We got the same sandwiches, rented the snowshoes and made our way up the mountain. We have been going to the gym 4 times a week the past couple months so I thought, sweet! I am in much better shape this time I will make it. Ya, no. I wanted to die. We made it to the top though and reminisced about that wonderful day two years ago. It was so beautiful and QUIET! I am so grateful Garren asked me to marry him. He is by far the greatest blessing in my life and my best friend. We have been through a lot together, some of it not so easy. However I know with him by my side we can get through anything.


Ready to go!


The view from the top


Garren at the top, his dimple kills me :) Love.



Taking a picture at the exact spot he proposed


Feeling dead and gross at the end!


Garren was glad to be in the car to :)