A Great Balance

So I recently found this fun site archetypeme.com. It’s BASICALLY a interest like site designed around your specific personality. They have a fun little quiz to determine the strongest parts of your personality and mold your profile around these aspects.

I made Garren participate and it was fun to see where we are the same and how we are different :-)

The Results:




I love that we are both very caring and spiritual people. Seeing eye to eye on those concepts and feeling that support from your spouse is crucial to a successful and happy marriage.

The intellectual/visionary difference makes me laugh because of one simple story:

We had been married for about a month when we were driving around singing in the car. I asked Garren “Do you think I will be able to sing well in Heaven?” He didn’t even stop to think about it before he said “No”.
Yes my poor little feelings were hurt! We talked about it later: His “intellectual” way of forming an answer was that I obviously ( and painfully) cannot sing, so why would I’ve able to in heaven? I, on the other hand, envisioned a Heaven where not only my body, soul, and home were perfected but also my talents. ( or lack of)

Don’t worry I don’t hold it against him… He has to listen time sing. Punishment enough.

I am grateful to have a husband who keeps me grounded but also believes in my dreams.


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