A Great Balance

So I recently found this fun site archetypeme.com. It’s BASICALLY a interest like site designed around your specific personality. They have a fun little quiz to determine the strongest parts of your personality and mold your profile around these aspects.

I made Garren participate and it was fun to see where we are the same and how we are different :-)

The Results:




I love that we are both very caring and spiritual people. Seeing eye to eye on those concepts and feeling that support from your spouse is crucial to a successful and happy marriage.

The intellectual/visionary difference makes me laugh because of one simple story:

We had been married for about a month when we were driving around singing in the car. I asked Garren “Do you think I will be able to sing well in Heaven?” He didn’t even stop to think about it before he said “No”.
Yes my poor little feelings were hurt! We talked about it later: His “intellectual” way of forming an answer was that I obviously ( and painfully) cannot sing, so why would I’ve able to in heaven? I, on the other hand, envisioned a Heaven where not only my body, soul, and home were perfected but also my talents. ( or lack of)

Don’t worry I don’t hold it against him… He has to listen time sing. Punishment enough.

I am grateful to have a husband who keeps me grounded but also believes in my dreams.


A Test in Empathy and Faith

The last two months have been some of the most trying months of our lives. However they have also been filled with so much love and enlightenment. While I pray I never need to go through this trial again, I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life, mostly my best friend/husband and the lessons I have learned about empathy, faith and myself.

In the past whenever I heard someone had miscarried I instantly felt sad for them. However, I also, naively, thought to myself “at least they can try again, they must be so strong to have been given this trial, and that will never happen to me” .

When people heard we had lost our baby they were automatically there to comfort us and give us advice as to why this happened. We got a lot of “This is God’s plan for you, every thing happens for a reason, and that I will have a baby one day very soon and to not lose hope.” Now let me be clear, these are the same things I would have said had I been the one offering comfort and they are 100% true. I am so aware and in awe of the fact that my Father in Heaven knows who I am and loves me so very much. Unfortunately I found myself struggling with these comforting words. It just wasn’t something I needed nor wanted to hear while going through this.

I hated myself for this. I know that everyone was coming from a very loving and optimistic place. Well I was reading in the bible one night and I came to John 11. If you are unfamiliar, this is the story of Lazarus. I was stuck straight to my core as I read verse 35 that reads ” Jesus wept.” These two words have taught me so much about empathy. As I looked back I realized the most comforting words people said to me were “I am so sorry”. Jesus didn’t try to give them a lesson about God’s plan, or life after death to his sisters. He knew they not only knew but also believed those sweet principles of the gospel. He simply wept and shared their grief with them.

Some times life is really hard, and we are tested past the limits we once thought we could handle. Grief is such an important step to recovering from these trials. Please understand that I am not mad or ungrateful for the beautiful words every one has said to me, as I know we are so very loved. I have just realized in my own life how to approach those who are grieving and when is the right time to offer advice and when it is simply necessary to grieve with some one.

I am so happy to say that I am doing much better. I still have moments, even days when I am consumed by the sadness and desire to have my baby, however most days I am just so grateful to have a loving husband and the knowledge of  a Father in Heaven and an Elder brother who has given his life for me.

We are currently waiting to hear back from grad schools, and to hopefully be accepted off the wait list for Shenandoah University. This is definitely a test of my patience but I do believe I am getting much better at doing my best and handing the rest over to the Lord. I can’t control everything, much to my dismay, and sometimes faith is all we truly need.

Garren and I are also doing FABULOUS at going to the gym and eating healthy. Thanks to skinnytaste.com and myfitnesspal.com I have lost 7lbs so far. HECK YES :)


My Neighbors Pet Elephant

We have these neighbors who, to put it nicely, are on the loud side. Their TV is always blaring, they vacuum after midnight, they play the tuba at odd hours and tend to have very loud conversations. All of this was manageable because, well heck, that’s what happens when you live in an apartment.

However today, a line was crossed. I am quite certain they have an elephant over there. I could hear them playing the tuba, with a very loud, bass thumping song blaring out the radio while their new pet took turns jumping up and down and ramming into my walls. The first two hours I seethed with annoyance in silence. Then my picture frames started falling off the walls. I called the Landlord… she told me to call the police. I have never called the police on some one and really didn’t want to bother them with my noisy neighbors so I waited. We reached the 4 hour mark when my book shelf started swaying, and down it went.

Some of the noise damage... I wish I took a picture before I started cleaning up!

Some of the noise damage… I wish I took a picture before I started cleaning up!

I picked up the phone and called the (non emergency line) police. They were here in no time and I have joyous silence again.

Except for the fact that I am hiding on my floor as the neighbors knock on my door saying such things as “I know the are here, this is their only car,” and  “I can’t believe they called the cops! That’s ridiculous,” and other things I can’t quite make out.

I am fairly certain they want to physically harm me.

In other news Garren is on his way to Rhode Island (via the Boston Airport) for an interview with the University of Rhode Island! Exciting stuff my friends. Shenandoah University will be letting us know his admissions decision next week…That’s our top choice so fingers crossed!