What I have Learned in the First 17.5 Months of Marriage.

Marriage is absolutely nothing like I imagined it to be….. its a whole lot better :) There were, however, a lot of things to get use to! So far here is a bit of what I have learned:

The direction toilet paper goes on the holder is NOT a good reason to get into an argument.

Every night really is like having a sleep over with you best friend.

Date nights are even more important now, then they were when we were dating/engaged.

Asking these three questions every night before bed: What was the worst part of your day? The best part of your day? and How can I make you feel more loved? can stop future fights, and start wonderful conversations.

The phrase “I’m sorry” will never go out of style.

My husband is willing to “Kill all of the people” when I wake him up in the middle of the night out of paranoia.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Killing each other is not an option, and even when we are mad at each other I love him more than anything.

Loyalty and Trust are the two greatest things we can practice in marriage. It makes the rest easy.

If you let them, men wont shave. Ever. Kissing sandpaper is never fun.

Coming home to the person you loved and dinner on the table is what happiness is all about,

Our goals and dreams for the future seem much more attainable when we are on the same page.

At times we take each other for granted. I hate this about marriage.

It gets harder…. but more fun to surprise each other.

It’s easier to change your self, then to try and force your spouse change. Be the wife you want to be, don’t try and create the husband you think you want.

You know you are loved when your husband holds your hair when your puking from food poisoning.

I still miss him when I have been at work all day and haven’t seen him.

The two nights I have had to sleep apart from him were horrible.

He lied to me when we were engaged…. he does snore. (Don’t worry I forgave him)

He has realized that there is a price to my long hair. as he finds it every where.

We never run out of things to talk about.

Sometimes boys smell bad. Really bad.

Garren gets the most amazing bed head I have ever seen. Please bless this trait is passed on to our children…. The pictures will be epic.

I’ve wanted a baby since I got my first doll… getting married makes that desire much greater.

I am spoiled. Garren rubs my head every night to help me fall asleep.

Finally I married the most amazing man in the world. Pretty sure the most common phrase he says to me besides “I love you” is “What can I do to help.” He is always serious, and ALWAYS willing to do whatever its i need. Including letting me try 5 different colors of nail polish on his nails so I could decide which I wanted to wear. This list could go on forever, and will continue to grow though out the years. marriage is definitely the greatest adventure I have ever embarked on.