Contrary to Popular Belief Having a Calling in the Nursery is NOT Good Birth Control

When people found out we were called as Nursery Leaders they immediately said, “Well that will help get rid of your “Baby Hunger” or variations of that. Well quite the opposite my dear family and friends. WE LOVE our nursery kids. They brighten my entire week. They are very well behaved, will sit for 15 minutes and listen/respond to the lesson, and say the funniest things!

There is one little girl named Sophie who absolutely adores Garren. Any where Garren is Sophie is either on his lab, or standing next to him with her hand in his. Its the most precious thing I have ever seen. He is going to be an amazing daddy.

A couple weeks ago I cam to the devastating realization that all of our nursery kids (about 14 kids ) will be graduating to the Sun Beams in January. (Oh we have two nursery classes, Garren and I have the older kids and then there are the younger kids. There are FIVE leaders in that class, but they have the younger ones, also 15 kids in there.) What do you think are chances are of graduating with them? A girl can dream right?! Here are some pictures of our adorable class! Oh and Garren playing with dolls :P


Singing time is definitely a class favorite


The little girls love to bring Garren their dolls to hold while they are “Sleeping”


This is Brenden and I (playing with plastic horses) He is the funniest little guy!


We also went to the SUU game and got box seats! It was a lot of fun!