T-Minus 10 Days Until the Year of Mayhem Begins

Well next week Garren takes his Chemistry I final AND the GRE. (He is doing awesome in Chem by the way) Then on July 2nd he starts the daunting task off applying to Grad school. The final list of schools we (or I guess he) is applying too is:

University of Rhode Island (My personal top choice)

New York Medical College (Garren says this is tied with URI, I a inclined to agree.)

University of St Augustine ( San Marcos, California Campus, St Augustine Florida, Campus, and Austin Texas Campus)

Nova University (Ft. Lauderdal, Florida)

Drexel University (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

University of Maryland-Princess Anne

Bellarmine University (Louisville, Kentucky)

Frankin Pierce University  (New Hampshire)


Garren is amazing and has been working so hard. I know he will get into PT school, and I also know the process will be nerve racking, to say the least. Also very expensive. Not only does it cost to apply to each school (plus supplemental fees) WHEN he is offered interviews he has to then buy plane tickets and fly out there. I know its all going to be worth it and we are putting positive thoughts out there :


In other news Sugar Bear turns 23 on Sunday!! WOOHOO. Happy Birthday Baby I love you!